ABMB: 10 Questions with SCOPE

By - Tuesday, December 3rd, 2013

We caught up with Daria from SCOPE to find out what we can expect this year in Miami 1. For those who don’t know about Scope, could you give us a rundown on what Scope does for the art scene? SCOPE Art Show is the largest and most global platform for emerging contemporary art. 2. How did Scope get started? Who are the original founders? The founder and President of SCOPE is Alexis Hubshman, who started the fair in an effort to give an opportunity to emerging young galleries and artists to show their work alongside the more established work you would find at Art Basel, for instance. 3. Up to date, which show is SCOPE’s favorite? Our favorite show is our upcoming show on Miami Beach— we are super thrilled to be building our monumental pavilion on the sand and contributing to the cultural landscape of such an incredible location. 4. December is the hot-bed month for talent, with Miami coming up are there any exhibitors or programs you’re particularly looking forward to? We’re excited to see the response to SCOPE’s Breeder Program- many of these galleries are first time exhibitors at an art fair! Breeder galleries can be found here 5. Personally I love the ticket pricing for Scope, you’ve found the balance between accessible and high-art. What kind of crowd does Miami usually draw? SCOPE draws a a very diverse crowd ranging in age from 18-80. Our visitorship is made up of tastemakers, curators, collectors, artists and students. 6. We love the BucketFeet contest, I’ve always known my creative friends to draw on everything, especially their shoes. Was there a certain pull to doing this collaboration? Historically, SCOPE has always supported artists making multiples- we’ve curated several “shops” over the years that feature editions, wearable and functional art– we look at BucketFeet along those same lines and we’re very excited to see those submissions! 7. Another great project is the RedBull Canvas Cooler, can you tell me a bit about it? SCOPE has long admired Red Bull’s many creative initiatives- specifically in the art world. There are few companies in existence that support the artist without sacrificing their integrity and Red Bull is at the top of that list. This is our 2nd year working with the canvas cooler project– and though the means to win is the customization of a cooler, the winners are offered the opportunity to show their own original work in the fair. 8. VH1 is an exciting partner this year, we are excited to see the collaboration between Swizz Beatz and Hebru Brantley, how were these two decided on to be featured? This is SCOPE’s 2nd year working with VH1, in an effort to illustrate the enormous imp ace that Art+Music has had on our culture’s visual identity. Last year we focused on 3 emerging artists, and for 2013 we have honed in on the very special relationship between Swizz Beatz and Hebru Brantley. Hebru is a legendary Chicago artist who got his start with street art, and Swizz is an avid collector of his work. In the on-air feature, you can see the two collaborating– and demonstrating how music influences artwork and vice versa. How did the 9. The Scope Foundation come to be? The SCOPE Foundation was established with the intention of supporting innovative, independent artist projects that contribute to SCOPE’s Featured Programming at every fair edition. 10. And lastly, if someone is inspired to learn more about Scope and apply or get involved, how should they do so? Visit Scope Art online – where you can view past and future fairs, as well as download applications. Daria Brit Greene Born and raised in New York CIty, Daria Brit Greene is the Vice President of SCOPE Art Show and a Curator best known for orchestrating cross-genre collaborations between art, fashion, music and film. Projects and exhibitions from Daria’s 15-year curatorial career have garnered critical acclaim in such publications as The New York Times, Art in America, The Village Voice, Elle.com, Vogue, Refinery29, New York Magazine, The Huffington Post, BlackBook, Time Out New York, Artnet, Artinfo, The Miami Herald, The Miami New Times, Ocean Drive, amongst other publications. Author: Ro Sabourin / @rosabourin

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