12 Questions: Canela Magazine

By - Friday, June 6th, 2014

We chat with the founder of Canela Magazine, based out of Barcelona.

1) Where are you from?
CM: Barcelona, Spain

2) How did you get involved in graff?
CM: The first time I really got involved in graffiti was when I decided to make a magazine, the first contact I had was when I was 15. I started like every other teen, painting anything you had at your fingertips.

3) What made you want to create Canela magazine?
CM: The idea for the magazine started when I was in graphic design school. The teachers asked us to do the header (logo) and a magazine cover with any theme. Everything started once I had my logo, people began to encourage me to do it for real, I later decided that this would be my final degree project.

4) How small is your operation?
CM: I am the only person working for Canela Magazine, but at first I had the help of a classmate. I work on the magazine in my spare time. I try and do well, that’s always difficult but I think with time and effort anyone can achieve anything.

5) How many countries can you be found in?
CM: Currently Canela Magazine can be found in 16 countries: SPAIN (Sprayplanet) PORTUGAL (Sprayplanet) FRANCE (Allcity) ITALY (Markershop) GERMANY (Stylefile) UK (Mtn Nottingham) SWITZERLAND (Layup) POLAND (GaleriaKoloru) AUSTRALIA (Ozgraff) USA (Momentum Art Tech) THAILAND (BkkGraff) JAPAN (Deeeznutz) CANADA (BombingScience) HOLLAND (GraffitiWinkel) SLOVAKIA (Rooftop) ROMANIA (Ustyles)

6) Favorite graffiti photo ever?
CM: One of the photos that I never tire of seeing is the homage Reso did for Dare. for me it is a gem, as well as an awesome work of art on a fucking truck.

7) Aspirations, what do you want to accomplish through graffiti?
CM: I don’t seek to achieve anything from graffiti, the less you want, the more you find.

8) What or who currently has your attention?
CM: My attention is currently focused on the new shirts we have for sale, all the benefits go towards paying for the production of a new issue of the magazine.

9) If anyone wants to submit to Canela, whats the process?
CM: If anyone wants to send us photographic material, it can be sent to: canelamgz@gmail.com. If you’re interested in the distribution of our magazine or just want to browse our sections you can visit the web www.canelamgz.com

10) Best color ever made?
CM: I’ve always been a fan of Quirurjico Green from MTN.

11) Seeing as this is all through email, you’re probably listening to music. What song is playing right now?
CM: Now i’m listening General Levy – We progressive

12) Last words?
CM: Thanks for reading and the support, see you on paper!!!

IG: @Canelamagazine Website: http://canelamgz.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Canela-Magazine/152481228184405

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