12 Questions: Catdick

By - Tuesday, February 18th, 2014

Catdick is adorable, how did he come to be?
Basically LSD, I was up in Boston in 2008, took some acid with some friends, and for some reason cats because the funniest shit to us. We went out to grab some pot and I remembering drawing a big cat face on the street with some chalk, then I just added some balls and pissed myself laughing. Over the next few years Id draw it on a beer coaster or some shit and people would just laugh, and that made me feel good. I made the first batch of stickers when I was still living in Amsterdam, they were an instant success, Ive actually caught people peeling them off the streets, which I guess is a compliment, but fuck that shit!

Any good stories about peoples reaction to the sticker?
The best reactions are when people just laugh out loud, also I recently was approached by some bigshots here in NYC, so there might be some checks coming in soon, but its not about that, its just some funny shit and I like seeing it up, no pun intended.

Is there a message behind Catdick?
No message, although Ive tried to think of one, but its basically just a joke in two-dimensional form.

Any plans to evolve Catdick?
Of course, trying to get some different products made, like some female underwear with a catdick on the crotch, I’d just like to cover the costs of making the stickers, which is sort of the bread and butter. Other than that I’m going to add some wings to the design and make some flying catdicks, so look out for those!

What are your thoughts on street art today?
Fuck street art, I write graffiti, but catdick stickers are stress free and for everybody, I can slap them up anytime, anywhere, I often tip bartenders with a sticker, because fuck giving this walking moustache a dollar for opening a can of beer. And chicks dig it too, so you could say I spend a lot more time with the stickers than paint cans. Have you tried any other forms of art?
Yes, my life is other forms of art, Catdick is my side gig, just for laughs. I studied fine art in Europe, lived in Amsterdam for many years, moved back to the states about a year and a half ago. My work is primarily sculpture, a lot of metal and wood, clean lines, architectonic a lot of the time. But years ago the sort of starting point of what would become my craft was the meeting point between graffiti and the buildings and places it was on. The big versus the small, the official versus the illegal, the aesthetic versus the functional, for example. There’s a lot to be said about humanity within the efficacious existence of both society (buildings, highways, rocket-ships) and the individual (a tag, a scratch, a painting).

Do you prefer street art/gallery art or both?
I’d have to say gallery. Fine art, or high art, this is where things are refined, its like science, and the high science, like art is what has the power to change worlds. I think every artist, graff writer, or street artist should strive for the absolute, to really investigate the values of whatever craft they choose, and to hopefully discover a deeper connection than the cliche “Because I like it,” or “..I thought it looked cool.” That’s not helping anybody, and Earth is fucked, which is kinda cool, I’m enjoying the show.

Where are you currently living?
Currently I’m in Brooklyn, NY. I can’t really see myself living anywhere else in the states. New York is a world capital, and Catdick is a dictator, straight up!

Do you like living there? What makes it awesome/lame?
Yeah, if I can’t live in Amsterdam or Berlin because I don’t have the right passport or a big sack of money, then New York is my first choice. Good food, hot chicks, plenty of shit to see and people to meet, there’s a lot of opportunity here, which is why I’m about it, but I could use a little more cash, and maybe less dudes walking the streets dressed up like Bob Dylan, that shit is stupid.

Favorite genre of music? Favorite music artists?
Miles Davis and Wu-tang, and im real into this quartet of french Djs called Birdy Nam Nam, everybody should youtube those dudes. I met them last year after their show, and of course I hit them off with a stack of Catdicks, which they got a kick out of. How can people get more of Catdick?
If you want a pack of stickers the best way is to email CatdickEmpire@gmail.com. I sell 12 packs for 20, and there’s friend prices specialties, if you make me laugh or blow my mind you’ll probably get some for free. Also follow @CatdickEmpire on Instagram, basically its just picture of nice tags I see around NYC, with the occasional shameless Catdick promotion about t-shirts and other shit that winds up with a Catdick on it.

Any last words or shout outs?
Buy some catdicks, support my habit. Shout outs to Evans and the whole IOD CREW and affiliates, shout out to Cats in Boston and AshOne out in CT, shout out to NetOne and shout outs to all my heads in Amsterdam, Chico and the Thirsty Dogg gang, Richart Pintura, Kay LBC, Oase GVB, ARTIK R.i.p. Farao, Pak and the rest of VT. Xman, Randy and FUps out in Sweden. Thats it, Peace!

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