12 Questions: DEBT Interview – “I Paint to Destroy”

By - Wednesday, February 3rd, 2016

12oz is about to introduce you to one of the New York City’s toughest bombers. DEBT YKK is undeniably New York. He comes from the city where it ain’t about the piecing, but about getting up. DEBT puts in work throughout the 5 boroughs leaving his shot up D where ever he goes, and never being afraid to execute. It’s that mentality that sets him apart, and why we featured him in the newest volume of Counting Sheep . DEBT is also part of the legendary YouKantKompete (YKK) crew which includes members such as Skuf and Kez5. These guys have been holding down New York Streets, exuding the type of graffiti we really fuck with, keeping it real to the city that started it all. So what makes this bomber tick? Check out this interview to find out. 

1. How did you get into graff? 

A family friend who wrote ACT 2 from the South Bronx got me into it. Also, just looking at the streets, walls, etc. and wondering how the fuck they did that. 

2. How would you describe your style and mentality when it comes to painting?

My mentality when I paint is just to destroy. Make my point. Attack mode. Without getting caught lacking. 

3. What does it mean to be a native New York writer, how is what cats do in NY different from the rest of the country?

I travelled here and there but I was born and raised in New York. The scene in NY is a lot different compared to other states because NY is the mecca of graff. The buff here isn’t as strong as in other states. A lot of creativity and style comes from NY. A lot of people dream of getting up here.  

IMG_2954“The state of graff in 2016 is corny.”

4. In Counting Sheep Volume 2, you put in some work in the Lower East Side. That area has changed a lot in the last decade,  How has that affected the graffiti landscape there?

 The LES has changed a lot over the past few years with all the new buildings they are making. Not as many spots as we used to have but it ain’t really change anything. Graffiti is still popping up. 

5. In your new video for 12oz you hit the Chinatown rooftops. For the people outside of NYC, can you explain the significance of Chinatown in New York’s Graffiti scene?

Chinatown is dope. Got a lot of graff that runs. A lot of rooftops you can see from the Manhattan Bridge. I like to place my joints where you gonna see them. But, Chinatown definitely goes to SEV TDT though. 

6. Who are your favorite cats in the game right now? 
A couple of my favorite writers don’t even write anymore. There are a lot of toys out now, so no one really. But there’s still a few cats holding it down for the culture. Shout out to yah. 
7. What is the state of New York City’s Graffiti game?
The state of graff in 2016 is corny. A lot of jocks thinking that just cause they follow you on Instagram that they think you their day one. A lot of biting going on, crew hopping, just a bunch of sucka shit now. And these niggas, that since they cool with someone putting in work, think that they don’t got to put that work in. They shine off the next man’s shine. I keep my circle as small as possible. Most cats you meet don’t got the same ambition. They either jocks or distractions, word up. 
“My mentality when I paint is just to destroy.” 
8. How do you feel about Street Artists like the ones you call out in the video? Is it cool as long as they don’t go over you?
I respect art in general. If you a good artist, I respect it. Street art isn’t my thing. I like to bomb, I like the rush, I like getting over. Don’t be putting your wheatpaste over my shit.  
9. Being such a heavy hitter, have you run into any serious legal troubles throughout your career? If you have, what keeps you going? 
There is always the good and the bad in any situation. A couple beefs, a lot of haters, but that comes when you popping. I’ve been locked up, couple scuffles, but that’s bound to happen when you really in these streets. 
10. Who were your biggest influences when you were coming up and today?
ACT 2, like I said, if it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t be writing. Also my homie SIEK FLY ID, he put me on to a lot while I was coming up. My nigga KEZ 5 YKK and everyone who supported me is what keeps me going, keeps me alive. 
11. What is your plan for 2016 and beyond, what’s the next move for DEBT?
My plans for 2016 is to take over the world, stay relevant, keep dropping shit, leave my mark and tackle all my goals. 
12. What do you want to tell to all the young kids out there that want to step up to the plate? 
Basically to keep grinding. Practice makes perfect. Stay true to yourself and anything is possible. 
Shout out killa cone isa kez5 noxer dod Dek 2dx freshpaint thegoodcompany and everybody I fuk wit.
“My plans for 2016 is to take over the world.”
So there you have it folks. Make sure to check out 12oz’s latest video project Counting Sheep Vol 2. Also peep our exclusive DEBT contest

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