12 Questions: VEW

By - Monday, June 2nd, 2014

Recently 12oz had the opportunity to speak with VEW GI. VEW is a writer’s writer who follows the code and is meticulous about keeping his identity and actions concealed which is probably how he has managed to get over so often on the rails and in the streets.

1. Who do our readers know you as?

2. How do you feel about crews and are you a part of any?
Crews are over-rated and full of tons of people who don’t even know each other from a hole in the wall. They don’t really have your back for your best interest. I’m down with GI, KIS and VGL.

3 People talk a lot about how graffiti has changed and much of it is negative. What is one positive thing about graffiti today?
A positive? The only thing I can think of is if you make it a career path. Because realistically the more you paint illegally you’re pretty much building up your own case and adding another charge each spot you hit.

4. Who are a few writers you have enjoyed painting with?
I enjoy painting with my first partner Neg, with York and Lex. And just everyone I’ve ever rocked with it’s always fun if we get over.

5. Quality of quantity seems to be your thing, what can you say about your style and are there any weak points?
I’ve been about quality since day one. My style is very colorful and simple yet detailed. My week points are I need to start freestyling my own characters for sure and get back into sketching and doing more in my backgrounds etc. I like to do characters with my pieces because I like the way it looks.

6. Did you ever have a plan and are you happy with what you’ve accomplished?
I never had a plan really, it was just go out and do sexy shit because it made me feel good to do something dope that not only writers will enjoy, some of the non-haters because a lot of toys say what I do isn’t graffiti lol because they suck and can’t do anything more than a throw up, but that regular folks can enjoy too on their commute.

7. Is there a graffiti vs. street art argument for you or do you respect all artists?
I respect all artists but I’m more on the graffiti artist side because I’m a graffiti writer and I know my history and street artists try to play by the rules but they just don’t know the history and demand respect from writers which just won’t happen because they go over old stuff or dead people and are just clueless to graff in general. They just want to do their little wheat paste and stencil and think it’s cute with no regards to the history or who they just went over and wonder why writers dog all their shit. They just won’t ever coexist in peace in my opinion.

8. Do you have a chase story you’d like to share?
I was in a truck yard and I’m finishing up the last truck and I hear the gate move. I go around the truck to go check it and see 3 cops squeezing in through the gap with their flashlights and they start running in yelling freeze (lol) before they even see us. We start running and hop over a fence and end up by some woods. My friend left his camera lens on the back of one of the trucks and he had to run back and get it!! I still don’t know how he got away.

9. How do you feel about writers transitioning into the gallery? Do you have any interest in that?
I feel like it should be a natural transition if art is really what you’re into you should definitely do what you love legitimately. Everyone’s worried about keeping it real and doing it illegally like if you’re not allowed to do both and maintain a balance and enjoy both worlds.

10. Is NYC the greatest city to paint in? Any place you’d like to go?
I mean I don’t know I never really ventured out until the recent months so only time will tell but I know NYC most definitely gets the attention. Also I would love to paint Italy and Brazil.

11. How do you feel about Instagram?
I see both sides it’s good for legitimate artists but extremely dangerous for active writers.

12. Any shoutouts, people you’d like to thank or places upcoming we can expect to see you?
Shout out to Neg, York, Lex, Abe, Chupa, Gio, Col and Gano and also 2esae for always looking out and FREE CETE!!!. Also shout out to 12ozprophet and the city that don’t sleep.

Thanks to VEW and his people, he was a pleasure to work with and we wish him the best.

photos: @griteeth/ @serpentscales

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