12 Questions: Hamer

By - Wednesday, May 28th, 2014


What is the scene currently like in Nebraska? How do you compare painting there to painting Detroit or any other city you run through?
Nebraska is very small. Only very few writers. Comparing any city to Detroit is nearly impossible. That place is a graffiti playground, but Nebraska is a dream as far as freights go.

First memory of graff?
Cutting school to go paint freights in the west side of Omaha.

What has graffiti done for you? What do you think you’ve done for graffiti?
It’s given me an open mind and a completely different outlook on life in general. I don’t know what I’ve done for graffiti besides staying committed to doing the one thing I enjoy doing. I’m just trying to keep up with what everyone is doing right now. Hopefully I’m inspiring the generation after me to push even more.

Favorite part of graffiti? Worst?
Traveling is the best. Worst part would have to be the law side.

Plans for 2014?
New styles, new cities and new friends.

Favorite place to paint?
Chicago and Los Angeles

You have 2 videos out with the guys at Momentum Art Tech (who I just wrote about). How did that come about?
My good friend Taste from ATT introduced me to C3PO in Chicago. That was when I painted my first clean train, and it was one of the most memorable times in graffiti for me. Ever since then me and the Momentum guys have been great friends and working together.

Favorite cap?
Glass cleaner, stoner.

Your views on Instagram ,the Internet, and graffiti?
Instagram is addicting. I don’t remember the last time I’ve got on the Internet. Graffiti has given me the best times of my life.

What song is playing right now as you type this up?
Bonobo – “Ketto”

Shout outs?
Family. Momentum Art Tech. Taste ATT. 12oz Prophet. Wens. The whole DFW crew in Detroit. Anyone who has shown me around while traveling, you know who you are. Too many to list.

Photography courtesy of: Hamer
Follow him on Instagram @Sirhamilton100

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