12 questions: Modern Urban Legends The Comic

By - Wednesday, August 20th, 2014

01. Who are you? Teel one 02. How did this idea come about? I’ve been a huge comic book collector all my life so bring my graded life to a comic book has been an idea I’ve had for more than 15 years. When I found out my home boy GAMBLE from Higher Level Art went to school to draw comics, it was a like all the stars aligned for me and that’s when my comic came to life. 03. Give us a quick break down of what the comic is about. The comic is called MODERN URBAN LEGENDS. The main characters name is Raze and the plot takes place In a quarter of my Graff career I did this so as to be able to go back in time to explain things later but you have to stay tuned to understand what I’m talking about. 04. What do you want to accomplish? I want the world to have a small glimpse of what it to be a Graff writer, to walk in our shoes, the shit I went thru to get were I’m at. But in a way that many walks of life can experience. 05. True stories? Yes it’s all based on events I’ve experienced in my graff career. 06. Most comics follow a story line, is yours revolving around this one character? It does revolve around my main character. 07. Are they all his stories, or will new points of view be introduced? The main character is in all the stories but there will be tons of new characters introduced but they interact with the main character because it’s a eye witness account of the things he sees. 08. Whats the process of making your comic? First I go into my recording studio and record the story and the environments that are going on in the book. I basically paint the picture. Then Gamble and me talk about all the details and what we should cut out. Gamble will start to do sketches, we talk the whole time. What should be in which box and about what goes in the thought bubbles. Now this is when we bring in the knife throwers, they choose what pages make it into the issue. Then we give it to Jules to color. Finally it goes to C3PO, now this is the fun part, he takes it to the local strip club and if they love it then we go to print. 09. What else do you do? C3PO and I own a mural company and a mural art store in the Chicagoland area located at 958 S. Oak park in Oak Park Illinois . I also design and remix resin, vinyl and plastic toys. 10. Got any other upcoming projects? August 21st we will be doing a comic book release party at GALLERY BAR in Chicago’s downtown a Area.We have an on going art show called CANTANKEROUS. We are also working on the second and third issues as you read this. 11. Where can we pick up the comic? You can get the comic at… Momentum Art Store 958 s. oak park ave oak park, il. 60304 or contact momentumarttech@gmail.com 12. Shoutouts? I want to thank the whole Momentum Art Comic team: GAMBLE, JULES, C3PO. To my crew for being there through thick and thin, for being real with me, and staying down. Special shout outs to my wife & kids, thanks for putting up with me. To Nickels for doing this interview, and last but not least thanks to designer151 for helping with the printing. PEACE TEEL ONE You can follow Teel and Modern Urban Legends on Instagram: @Teeliuscerius and @Modernurbanlegends

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