12 Questions: MUDO

By - Tuesday, April 1st, 2014

12 Questions with São Paulo based illustrator and graffiti, MUDO. Check out the Sketch of the Day he sent us here.
1) Please introduce yourself
I’m 24 years old born and raised in São Paulo, Brazil. I have always lived around the Liberdade and Cambuci neighbourhoods.

2) Do you remember when was your first contact with graffiti?
II was first exposed to graffiti around 2002 watching writers in my neighborhood on my way to school.

3) When did you started painting?
I did my first paintings in 2006 but at that time I didn’t have the skills so I used to hate the results. In 2009, I was more secure about my work and skills so i started painting a lot more.

4) What are your work influences?
Dammm… I think everything is influential, almost everything i see and listen to can inspire me.

5) Why MUDO? (mudo means MUTE)
It was my nickname at school and since that time everybody knows me as MUDO.

6) How did you come up with the Monkey Character?
There is no special explanation, I was drawing some day and did a monkey with social clothes, I really liked the result and since and haven’t stopped since

7) What you can tell us about the Graffiti Scene in Sao Paulo?
It’s enormous. Too many people, a lot of information, different styles. The city never sleeps.

8) Where was the most special place you ever have painted?
Difficult question because all places have their special feelings. But I can tell you that my favorite one is the one I did at “Estrada das Lágrimas”, it was the biggest one ever. (see the picture above)

9) Tell us something about your trip to Argentina last year.
It was really inspiring. It was my first time traveling to paint. We met really good people and found nice spots.

10) Is there any one place in particular where you would love to paint?
Yeah, I really would love to paint where everything started: NYC

11) What are your next steps, are there any new projects in the works?
I’m designing some t-shirts with different Brazilian brands and I also have been working on fine art.

12) Shout-outs?
I want to say thank you to 12ozProphet and to my family and friends because i’m nothing without them.

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