12 Questions: Real Talk with Sen2

By - Wednesday, April 16th, 2014

In this edition of 12 Questions we were pleased to catch up with Sen2 from the South Bronx. He paints large-scale burners in a trademark style and has been able to transfer that style to canvas with exceptional ability while also expanding his subject matter which is something we love to see. It is clear from talking with Sen2 that graffiti is his passion and he is among the writers who have a true love for the craft.

Would you please introduce yourself and give any crews you’d like to mention
My name is Sandro Figueroa and my graffiti name is Sen2. I am in 4B and DirtyWaters which is a clothing company but for me it’s a crew.

Where were you born and what borough of NYC do you call home?
I was born & raised in Cantera, Santurce, Puerto Rico but my hometown for the past 25 years has been the South Bronx.

What is your earliest memory of graffiti?
Back in the days in Puerto Rico around ‘84 or ‘85 when I grabbed my first black & white graffiti magazine.

Where did the tag Sen2 come from?
Ske, Rek and I sat down when I first started many years ago in Puerto Rico and that was the name that just worked.

What has been your motivation to continue writing for as long as you have?
I’m addicted to this shit. Graffiti lives deep in my heart. I love when people love my art and how they are amazed when they see it.

You paint large pieces with bold letter structures and intense color schemes, where do you draw inspiration from?
Right now my sons Senlee and Sandrito, they inspire me because they use bright colors when they draw. I feel bright colors convey happiness and when you paint big it leaves people amazed.

Can you talk about what led to the closing of DaBakery and what plans if any do you have of re-opening?
I had to close DaBakery because the landlord, who was a very good man, passed away. His sons took over the property and immediately tried jacking up the rent so i decided to break out. Maybe one day DaBakery will open shop agian but for now I am focusing on my art career by getting into fine art galleries around the world.

How is painting canvas different from painting a piece on a wall?
It is very similar but one difference is on a canvas you have more control.

Do you have any shows upcoming that are solo or that you will be a part of?
In Paris, France, Celal Gallery with my boy Reso and I have a solo show coming up on July 3rd at 1:AM gallery in San Francisco

What is your opinion of the current state of graffiti in NYC?
No comment

What, if any, is your preferred brand of paint to use?
I like 94’s and Montana from Germany. I also like the new brand Kobra, the colors run good.

Who are your favorite people to paint with or who you would like to mention for the impact they have had on you?
I love to paint with my boys Logek, Epic Uno, Owns, Gusto, Deem, Kem5 and Hoacs.

Any final words?
Right now 110% getting my canvas artwork out there and working on my clothing line DirtyWaters with my boys Mario, Epic Uno and Stevie. I also love my family for supporting me. I love you Lisa. Thank you everybody and my respect to all graffiti writers. Also thank you 12oz Prophet for helping with keeping graffiti alive. Sen2 ManyStyles 1986,

Thanks to Sen2 for his time in working with us and we wish him the best in 2014 and beyond.
All photos courtesy of Sen2

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