12 Questions: Smore MUL

By - Thursday, October 16th, 2014

1) Name and Crew SMORE, MUL (MadeULook) 2) How did the name Smore come about? In my early teens I used to skateboard, heavily. Most of my friends who I skated with did graffiti. The youngest one (11 years old) wrote Mors, at the time, I thought the name was awesome. I remember going home that night and trying to sketch some names, “Flip”, “Blank”, & “Sketch”. Many random names but nothing stuck. Mors came over my house not too long after. He had seen the sketches I’ve done, and asked me to draw some letters. While sketching, I mentioned how “Mors” sounds like “smores” and how he should add a “s” and write that. He wasn’t feeling it so instead, I did. I started sketching “Smors”, ”Smorz”, & “Smor”. Coming up with tags, bubble letters, and straight letters. I grabbed a sharpie and I dropped a tag on my bedroom wall and haven’t stopped since. 3) Major influences coming up? One of the earliest memories I have is riding the train lines. Major influence! Graffiti on rooftops, insides, back porches, & roller tags off buildings. I was curious to know how people got there and if they knew the people who lived there, how else would people do it? When I met “skils”, now thats when it all started popping off. Running tracks, painting expressways, doing insides, putting up stickers, racking supplies and most of all how to do it right. Fills over tags, Pieces over fills, & rollers over everything! Don’t leave paint at spots, be patient, & duck when the train passes. To this day, I use these steps to keep myself out of trouble. 4) What’s your main focus in graffiti, what are you trying to do or accomplish? #1 main focus is to stay consistent, travel, & paint everywhere I go 5) Best chase? To be continued.. 6) Being part of such a prolific crew, knowing their history, how do you see graff now a days? do you feel people go as hard as they used to? do you see different styles still? I feel writers are pretty lazy now a days, most will not go out if there’s no one willing to drive. Honestly, it’s sad. Lately, styles have been dumbing down, I feel like people aren’t trying anymore. But its always refreshing to see someone trying/doing something different. 7) Letters or Colors? if you only had one which would it be? Letters always! I prefer seeing a solid fill with great letter structure, rather than a multi colored piece with tricks and bits but no letter structure. I believe everyone who is someone, knows what I’m talking about. 8) What’s in the works for the Smore of the future? As for the future, I plan on progressing in my graffiti and my life. Also, establishing a life style where I can support my family, my hobby, & myself. 9) What are you listening to right now? Freddie Gibbs -Deeper 10) Whats your view on social media? Social media is good and bad. It’s good for graffiti writers to have the opportunity to share their art, and be able to view graffiti from around the world. It always feels great when someone captures a photo that you couldn’t. The bad part is giving law officials the chance to view your work. Then there’s the worst part of social media, giving writers/people a chance to share their opinions. Talking shit, sharing information on spots, publicly snitching, and all this happens behind a screen and keyboard. YES, I’m talking about you! 11) You seem to be in your prime right now, any words for anyone coming up? Prime?! No way. I’m just as toy as anyone else. For the up and coming, overall I recommend you be yourself! Straight, gay, whatever. Paint with people better than yourself and never rely on anyone. If you want to get better and earn respect you have to be consistent with painting. Paint because you want to, not because it’s a trend. It’s not worth being put into jail, getting beaten, or getting kicked out your parent’s house. Real, recognizes real. 12) Last words shootouts? Made U Look Photos: @nnickels

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