12 Questions: SY ONE YKK AOB

By - Wednesday, October 30th, 2013

1- What was your first tag? SY, SY ONE, SYER, I just like the ways the letters flowed. 2- What drew you into graffiti? My family wrote graffiti, everyone around me did graffiti. On my way to school, I always noticed graffiti. When I was younger, I seen Ewok, Ghost and Obey doing a wall and I just wondered how the fuck they did it. I was just intrigued by the colors and letters and mostly the skill that went behind it. 3- Who are your influences ? JA ONE , because of his consistency and him being omnipresent. Years and years on non stop bombing. VE and KEZ5 because they had the best hot spots, they had the J and M line on smash and thats where I’m from so I grew up seeing their shit on a daily basis. 4- What’s your opinion on today’s graffiti ? Shit sucks no real writers doing shit. Only out of towners no disrespect. There’s only a few out there doing it and its the niggas I know, and and a few that I don’t. 5- Who’s your top 3 favorite writers dead or alive ? I would say VE ONE, OE3 TMD, SKUF 6- What’s been the most challenging spot for you ? Truthfully none, every spot was doable, nothing was hard. If theres a will theres a way, If you wanna get shit done you just going to do it if not someone else is. 7- When did you start writing graffiti ? I started writing graffiti in 2009, but really didn’t make a name for myself until 2011. Practice makes perfect the more time and effort I put in the more shit I got done. 8- How does it feel to be one of the youngest writers really doing it ? It feels great, the older writers I know told me it’s good to start young get a head start so in the future you become a beast, and master the craft. 9- What made you write SY ? It’s a family member who passed away,initials. He was an important figure in my life so I figured it would only be right to dedicate my tag to him. 10- What’s your main goal in writing graffiti ? I don’t have a goal, I just love getting up it’s fun. I love hitting spots. I’m never going to stop, I don’t care. I love the adrenaline rush and the excitement that comes with it. The near death experience that comes with hitting dangerous spots. 11- What crew’s you push ? I push AOB, IF, YKK, KMS, OGM, XBS, KTT, OSP 12- What the craziest story or experience you’ve had ? It was fourth of July two years ago. I was with my boy Zexo and we went to hit a truck yard, when we walked in we seen a fresh JA outline and Zexo touched it and it was still wet. All of the sudden JA jumped down from the top of the truck with a crowbar and was like ” who you ?”. Zexo went on to tell him who he was and I told him what I wrote, he let us continue to paint the yard. To me that was a crazy experience being able to hit the same yard as him while he was actually in it. It really ignited me to bomb more and really go hard. Any shout outs ? Shout out to my nigga STU, when we met we were like Batman and Robin, that’s like my big brother. Follow SY on Instagram @Sinstagramy To purchase art work: thesyest@aol.com We recently had SY stop by the studio for a black session Special thanks to SY ONE for making this interview possible.

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