12 Questions: Tristan Eaton

By - Monday, April 21st, 2014

1. With Kidrobot, Thunderdog and Trusto Corp behind you and your work now residing within the permanent collection of the New York Museum of Modern Art, what do you hope to accomplish (besides $) in this stage of your career?


2. You participated in Pow Wow this past December where you painted your largest mural, then followed it up with an even larger mural in West Palm Beach, FL, how was that experience and how was West Palm Beach?


3. When working on such large scale murals, how do you keep the perspective on point, especially given your style that incorporates a lot of imagery within another image’s outline?


4. Any upcoming projects that you would like to announce?


5. Can we expect future street campaigns or is it all gallery work for a while?


6. Plans to come back to NYC?
7. You previously said that the 20 inch Shepard Fairey Dunny was your favorite, still true?
8. You once stated (in response to the question on the line between art and consumerism) that Fine Art tends to be elitist in nature & inaccessible to the masses in comparison to consumerism that has connotations of cheap accessible products, mass-produce for the masses. With your departure from urban vinyl toys and other products that provided that happy medium between the two extremes, how do you think your future work will impact the demographic that have been your base for so long?
9. What is the one thing you haven’t yet customized that you would want as a commission?
10. Did you leave back to LA bc the rent was too damn high?
11. What do you miss the most that you can get in Brooklyn but not in Los Angeles?
12. Do you get residuals for every Dunny made?
13. Your bio includes the fact that you designed your first toy for Fisher Price at 18, something regurgitated many times around the web, yet nowhere does it mention what the toy was, so what was it that you designed and is it still for sale?
14. Your work has the aesthetic of a collage work of imagery within the boarders of another image’s outline, how would you describe your current work and what brought you to this particular style?
15. Who was the most memorable artist you have traded art with and why? What did you give / get?
16. You’ve mentioned that you have never been a letter guy and that you wouldn’t call yourself a Graffiti artist, just an Artist, what are your thoughts on the growing mainstream acceptance and profitability of work seen as Street Art in comparison to the negative associations with anything referred to as Graffiti?
17. You have said that Detroit is the best city to make graffiti, is that a result of the economical collapse of the city or were there other factors that you used in your decision?
18. You refer to your style as Clean who are some emerging artists that have caught your attention with their Clean style?
19. When Kidrobot went from more a art-based company to a profit driven company You left to create Thunderdog and it seemed as if you wanted to regain the core of what Kidrobot once was. Do you think it is inevitable for companies that reach such great success to eventually overshadow their founding principals or is there way to balance the two?
20. How do you feel about the Snowden surveillance leaks?
21. What was the last book you read?
22. Still collecting Japanese hardcore porn figures? What was the last acquisition?
23. What was it about meeting KAWS that made you like his work more when you were not a huge fan of his prior?

24. How did you approach your mural for Alexander Graham Bell and can you discuss the components that you used within his portrait that illustrate the history of him and of the building?

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