12 Questions With: DFA crew, Halifax NS

By - Monday, October 28th, 2013

I had the pleasure of sitting down with Donut, Ribs, Fuze, Abst and some other crew members from Halifax, Nova Scotia’s DFA crew. Halifax has put out some big writers like fatso, aper, sectr, cabin, and endzo – but the pull of DFA is the homegrown attitude they commit.
1. How long has DFA been around? Which one of you is the longest standing member? Our crew as it stands now has been around since 2005, Papa Fuze would be the longest one around
2. Do you think being in and from Halifax has a big impact on your style? Writing wise and lifestyle wise? Definitely, it’s that east coast slow life. We’re simple but graphic, some people are out for fame we’re out for a good time.
3. Is there an alpha? I know guys consider each other family, what are the dynamics like? We are just a big family, Papa Fuze provides for the kids and always has extra paint, and his brother is Foes, BabyBack Ribs is the little one, lots of uncles in there too. We all look out for each other.
4. Who’s the newest member? How did he get involved? Sea King, or Sea, our guys are always homies first. That’s how we are, we all skate we all hang out and if you’re down with us you’re down with us. Halifax is a really tight knit city for graff, everyone knows everyone so it’s easy to tell who could get in with DFA.
5. Do you guys have a favourite brand of paint you use? Halifax is so small, it’s a limited stock, it takes some online ordering to get the best but we use Tremclad and Kilz… but the best brand is anything we can cop for free.
6. If DFA could run wild in any city, where would you guys go? Paris, no Montreal. Barcelona. An abandoned city in Russia. No, wherever the bitches at.
7. Who are you listening to right now? Action Bronson, and ASAP Ferg. We’re true east coast, NYC to CHI – if the real question here is Biggie or Pac, it’s Biggie.
8. What makes DFA, DFA? We’re family, and honestly we just love the flavour of life. Gutter shit, we make messes, we have fun, we make no money and we spend all of it on what we love. We’re the worst adults you’ll ever meet, but the best children.
I know a few of you do fine art as well, do all of you have art training? It’s pretty half and half, we’re either art grads or dropouts. Vandals and artists. We’re here to paint.
9. Run me through a typical DFA crew night. Well, we all start at different liquor stores and unite at the skatepark, we’re a huge skate crew as well. It depends, Thursday through Saturday, gotta see what’s going on with parties and shows but we’ll get out to the trains. We’re tags and debauchery, skating, cigs and dice.
Can you tell me about the freight scene in Halifax? Well even though it’s a port city Halifax is still small, we don’t see a lot, but when we do it’s first come first serve. It’s competitive and exclusive, our spots are always heat. But it’s a respect thing we don’t bomb other peoples shit, because we’re so tight knit there’s no point, we keep it under-wraps. It’s a dying freight scene but we want it back.
10. Whats up and coming for DFA? Any public works or shows we can look for? All of us do commision work on the side, but we just finished Hopscotch Festival. Nothing upcoming now, but there’s a couple zines to look forward to. Graff is still taboo in Halifax, there’s a lot of heat and no support, unlike MTL, NYC, or Toronto.
So what keeps you there? It’s family, you can’t leave family. We can’t stop painting because we couldn’t let each other down.
11. Give me three words to describe DFA: Definitly Fam Always, Down For Anything.. Doin’ Fuck All.
12. Who are your top 5 writers right now? Remio, Dabs HW, Endr, Sueme, Apek … We’re into VTS crew right now for sure
Anything you want to tell 12oz readers about DFA? @dontfrigaround on instagram, drink, skate, and go paint shit.


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