12 Questions with Kobra Paint

By - Tuesday, March 25th, 2014

Q: How did Kobra Paint, a company in the paint industry for 30 years get involved with making spray paint geared towards street culture? A: Italgete, the makers of Kobra, have mastered the aerosol production process and recognized the trends and value of producing paint made for art. It was probably hard for them to NOT see the paints influence and purpose, especially being based in Italy, one of the worlds epicenters for Street bombing, Clean Trains, Streetart and Graffiti in general. They eventually put there expertise and craftsmanship to work and have provided the world with a state of the art product. We are glad they did! Smog-One – Wynwood, FL Q: As a new brand trying to find its place in the U.S. market, what can we expect to see from Kobra Paint in the following year? A: You can expect to see lots of energy and activity. We will be visiting different cities to further the Invasion Kobra has started. Continue to do what we’ve done in NYC, ATL, PR, MIA, Brasil in as many other places in the USA and Latin America as possible. We have a trip to the west coast planned soon and Art Basel in Miami which we will be very active at. Deem – Bronx, New York Q: You should buy Kobra Paint because _____________? A: It’s the best value in the paint game. For the price and quality it can’t be matched. Eskae –  Ft. Lauderdale, Fl Q: What does Kobra Paint bring to the market that distinguishes itself from its competitors? A: Kobra brings an energy rooted in the street, hand and hand with real writers and artists, that highlight it’s value, quality, coverage, and versatility. Kobra is a movement of artists and writers across the country that are looking for more from their tools and won’t settle for less. Kerse- Somewhere in America Q: Kobra has been selling in Europe and has been in business for 7 years, what has taken so long to reach the U.S. market? A: The right distribution partners with a long term strategy and vision for the brand. Trap – New Jersey Q: Do you have a roster of artists that represent Kobra Paint USA, and if so, who are they? A: We don’t have an official Kobra writers team but we have a Legion of Monsters both artists and writers who are backing our cause, we call them friends of Kobra or if you like the Kobra Viper Assassin Squad. June – Ft. Lauderdale, Fl Q: Do you plan to bring any new products to the market in 2014 that we should know about? A: Yes, this is exclusive breaking news that we are dropping just for 12 oz. we are releasing 30 new colors for the end of this year. 20 of the low pressure variety and 10 in high pressure, giving us a total of 185 colors which we are very proud of. Trek Six – Ft. Lauderdale, Fl Q: On your site, it states that Kobra Paint is all season and does not suffer in high humidity or cold, adhering to all surfaces with minimal risk of dripping even in extreme weather conditions. This seems to be a big advantage for writers up north, how does Kobra Paint achieve this where other brands seem to fail? A: It’s our super secret special Italian formula, and a credit to our Italian team, their craftsmanship and ingenuity. No secrets can be revealed. Works great in all weather. Easr – San Antonio Texas Q: What is the next evolution in spray paint? A: We think more and more new blood will enter the arena, including fine artists, and will be taking advantage of the benefits spray paint offers. Additionally, we think you’ll see More colors, more precision, better quality paint, we think the future is bright. Mad- Philadelphia, PA Q: If a shop wanted to carry Kobra Paint, who do they contact? A: Contact Alex: info@kobrapaintusa.com 954-559-5877 Instagram: kobrapaint Sabio- New York City Q: With the base of US distribution based out of Miami, FL, what presence will you have if any during Art Basel this year? A: We will be participating heavily. It’s our hometown and we have the world coming to our backyard. We have several events and partners we are participating with such as: Wynwood Embassy W.E., has a plethora of the finest artists coming in from all over the world. Buy Kobra Paint Here during Basel. 138 NW 23rd St., Brisky Gallery‘s show, Affiliated: The show will feature a host of world class local, domestic, and international artists. 130 NW 24 street. Miami fl 33137. The Purvis Young Gallery: Showcasing Purvis Young’s work, a Miami street art legend. Buy Kobra Paint Here During Basel 255 NW 23rd St., Miami Club Rum in association with Wyn317 Gallery and Great Ape Foundation to raise money for charity: 2320 N. Miami Ave. MoreThanSunshine.com and Wyn317’s gathering of South Florida’s best and brightest artists. Buy Kobra Paint here during Basel. 520 NW 26th St Miami, Fl Plus an incredible cast of characters coming in from all over the world to blast the walls with Kobra Paint. Great art, great people and good times, can’t wait. Mad- Philadelphia, PA Q: What’s the overall goal for Kobra Paint? A: Raekwon said it best: “We ain’t trying to hop in and hop out right quick. We out for the gusto and we gonna keep it Raw. Aware- Las Vegas Nevada .

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