12 Questions: Amend (TDK)

By - Wednesday, September 4th, 2013

Amen has been writing graffiti for over 17 years in the bay area. He’s got a classic funk style and is part of legendary writer Dreams’ crew TDK. We got a chance to go 12 rounds check this… 1.  Who are you and where are you from? I write AMEND. I rep a few crews TDK (Mike Dreams crew RIP), KOD, BSK (one of the first crews from Oakland/Bay Area) and 2C. 2. How did you get your name? I wrote several names before, they had no meaning, just some random shit. I met an older writer when i was around 14 or 15 yrs old and remember him telling me ” Your name should mean something/represent you.” that made me stop for a minute. I ran into some dude who brought up AMEND and it’s meaning to me and it was done. 3. What was your first experience with graffiti? Oakland has always had “Graffiti” not as it’s defined now, gang shit. Growing up in the neighborhood you would always see neighborhood hit ups all over the place. I remember following my older cousins around as they “tagged” around the neighborhood, they were all from V.36th. That was my introduction to writing with a spray can. 4. Do you recall the first time you wrote your name on a wall? Yeah, not a name, I would hit up the neighborhood. As for a name it was sometime in elementary school. 5. Did you have any mentors or writers you looked up to while starting out? There was a lot of people smashing shit back then.  There was always the older cats from TDK BSK they were killing the yards. Once I decided I wanted really be a writer my man RISE KOD 2C showed me a lot. We would pull all-nighters and wait for stores to open to rack more paint. 6. How has your style developed over time to what we see now? My shit is constantly changing. I started as a bomber/tagging on everything. Once I met Dream, Done, and Krash2 TDK they started to push me towards doing more stylish lettering (straight letters) and eventually to pieces. Today, I’m still trying to get better and have fun tweaking letters. Once one memorizes a piece it becomes a throw up! 7. Any writers that you would like to paint with in the future? Now days I’ll paint with anyone that has the right attitude.  I give respect where is do, but could careless when mofos are dicks. 8. Any city or country you would like to visit to paint at? Yeah, I want to go everywhere. Soon enough… 9. What is one song that puts you in the zone before going out and painting? Can you hang by Lunassic. I hate all this new shit. 10. Are you interested or participate in other forms of art besides graffiti? I airbrush as well. I’ve been wanting to try out oil painting. 11. What do you want to accomplish with your graffiti? I want to preserve the art from/keep it going. 12. Do you have any current or upcoming projects you want to let people know about? I am working on getting sketchbook published. Can’t give out to many details, but I’ll keep ya’ posted.

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