The 12oz Twelve: Bay Area Throwies & Graffiti

By - Wednesday, March 4th, 2015

The Bay Area has had a rad graffiti scene and for a long time, writers like Mike, Gyer, Pemex, Toro have been killing in. The Bay crushes the graffiti department in handstyles, pieces and throwies. This 12oz 12 list is going to focus on 12 dope throwies from around the Bay. 


ENRON: Enron comes through with a fresh chrome and black throwie. The funky outline work kills this wall in Oakland. 

Enron Throwie

GYER: Gyer hits one of the Bay’s tunnels with what appears to be a roller fill and a fresh sprayed purple outline. 




IDEAL & SORI: These two and their crew have recently been crushing the Bay Area. The duo is part of LOLC (Last Ones Left Crew). Here they tag team this wall with some classic black and white throwies.  




Ideal:Sori Throwiws

JADE: Jade, part of the legendary THR crew, has had one of the most classic throwies in all of the Bay. With a dope combo of chrome and red, Jade blessed this wall. 

*RIP Jade*





MIKE: Mike DFM, is one of the main names around the Bay Area these days when it comes to graffiti. He has hit some of the most ambitious spots around Oakland and San Francisco. Here is throws up one of his classic chrome and black throwies. 




PEMEX: Another member of LOLC, and long time Bay Area writer, Pemex loves to put up his signature “PE” throwie with a dogs face all over the Bay. One of my personal favorite throwies, Pemex is always coming up with a variety of variations to it. 



Pemex Throwie

REF & LEKT: Another dynamic duo who has recently put in work in the Oakland area is Ref and Lekt. Here they hit up this wall with matching silver and black throwies. 


Ref:lekt Throwies

SWERV: This is one of the more unique throwies I’ve seen. Swerv come through with his fat “SW” letters, which he puts up all over the bay along with his “SWRV” variation. 


Swerv Throwie

TORO: Toro has a really fresh throwie with a rad character to start off with the “T”. Toro bombed this nice spot with a solid white fill and black outline. 



Toro Throwiw\

WIRE: Wire gets down with Swerv all over the Bay Area. Here he kicks it with a rare gold fill and blue outline on what appears to be a pretty busy street corner. 





(Photos: EndlessCanvass, HellaGraff, FatCap)

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