The 12oz 12: Current Innovators in the Game

By - Thursday, February 5th, 2015

One of the main elements of graffiti is having a unique and fresh style. Although most big names in the game come through with something fresh, there are several writers that really stand out and stretch the limits of style in ways we love to see. Here are 12 writers (in no specific order) who are steady creating dope, unique pieces all over the globe.

Leave a comment of any other writers you think are spraying with unique, stand out styles.

dems spraybeast

Demsky, Dems333, or just Dems has one of the most interesting styles of any writer in recent years. Dems uses lots of fine lines and complex fills, shadows, and backgrounds to create and almost futuristic outer-space look. His letters tend to be blocky and quite fat allowing for some really intricate fill ins and shadows alike.

faust spraybeast

Faust has been around for a long time killin the scene in New York. He has used a unique style of calligraphy, which he puts up with paint, mops, markers, and his signature stickers. Keep your eyes out for Faust’s work cause it is damn fine.

gary fatcaps

Gary MSK has one of the most recognizable styles. He uses extreme accuracy to create amazing colorful pieces that look as if they are computer generated logos. He sprays the straightest straight letters you’ve ever seen and the smoothest script lettering.

guns flickr

Guns made this list mostly for his creativity of placement. As a true bomber, he’ll put his signature throwup on anything from boats to beach spots to cars. He also uses more than just spray paint to create his throws, often using mops to do mini throws, or using whatever it is that lets him do those incredible tie-die fills. Guns stretches the limits of throwies like no other.


Horfe the graffiti writer from Paris has a fun cartoonish style where he often incorporates goofy characters into his lettering. His pieces have an extremely unique flow with legs, arms and faces flying around throughout them. Horfe is easily one of todays most innovative writers.


Kaput’s work is some of the most colorful graffiti in the streets. He uses a wild flow with loads of bubbles, dots, and different colors as fills. Often he incorporates arrows and stars as well. Although these methods are used in a lot of typical graffiti, there is something about the way Kaput applies them that creates very innovative pieces.

nemco. spraybeast

Nemco works with the can to create what some might call murals, and other might just call very complete pieces. He has created walls that involve his lettering as well as playful scenes as backgrounds. Some include a chess game where his letters are the peices, or the moon where his moniker is the astronauts who have landed.

Raos..via lataco

Raos, mostly known for his fine art, has a unique style when doing graffiti that incorporates his mouse character as well as similar fills and lines. He often includes character parts in his pieces like eyes, hands, body-like letters, and more. And when it comes to his handstyle Raos has an interesting custom font.

roids spraybeast
Roids is another MSK writer who uses insane 3D and shadowing to create a computer generated look to his work. He uses drips and splatter techniques as well to create backgrounds that blend with his lettering. Some of his pieces include the brilliant use of negative space and layering to create multiple levels.

Remio subsoloart

Remio is another writer that uses cartoonish characters as his letters. The “R” wearing sunglasses has become one of the most recognizable one letter throwups. Remio often will play with the famous “R” and change around the expressions. Not many other writers who can take one simple throwup letter and do so much with it.


Pixote is a brazilian born writer, who has been crushing NYC for some time now. He has brought the traditional Brazilian Pixação style to the states. He frequently executes his graffiti with rollers creating gigantic Pixote tags on the sides of buildings.

pant spraybeast

Pant has one of the most fascinating and mind blowing styles. He uses negative space, fine lines, checkers, and other intricate fills to create pieces that look too complex to be done with spray paint. Pant has a way with color that allows him to use it to elevate his pieces and create multiple dimensions on a wall.

Photo Sources: (SprayBeast, Fatcaps, Wackytupacky, Lataco, Subsoloart) 

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