The 12oz 12: Graffiti Instagrams to Follow

By - Wednesday, January 28th, 2015

Instagram Handle: allchrome

Writer: Kems

Followers: 33k

Screen shot 2014-12-13 at 1.53.27 PM

Kems has been killing the game for a long time, and it shows in his Instagram. From beautiful flicks of his travels around the world, to dope pieces and freights in the snowy northeast, he keeps his instagram looking solid. You’ll also see the occasional #pizzagang #burymeinpizza post…the dude does love his pizza.

Instagram Handle: d1nyc

Writer: Duel

Followers: 30k

Screen shot 2014-12-13 at 1.54.30 PM

I don’t know about y’all, but I sure cant get enough of that classic Duel throwie. So what do I do? I head on over to his Instagram. Scattered with stickers, burners, and of course plenty of his dope throw up, there aren’t too many others quite like it.

Instagram Handle: g__u__nz

Writer: Guns

Followers: 35k

Screen shot 2014-12-13 at 2.06.24 PM

Guns comes through with some of the most creative throwups ever seen. Whether they have an arm extended holding a gun or other object, or if they have the mysterious tie-die fill thats got the toys asking how its done. He puts these throwies on objects most writers would just pass by such as couches, boats, and tacos…yup, tacos.

Instagram Handle: _begr_

Writer: begr

Followers: 13k

Screen shot 2014-12-13 at 1.56.45 PM

Begr has made a huge impact on the scene recently, his clean burners cover his Instagram and are steady on the feed. He has so many pics of his work it makes you really feel his presence in the game…dude has huge ups.

Instagram Handle: rrremio

Writer: Remio

Followers: 12k

Screen shot 2014-12-13 at 1.57.37 PM

Remio has got one the the most entertaining Instagram accounts. He posts a wide variety of bombing, stickers, t shirts, zines, and upcoming shows. If you are looking for a little more than just straight up graffiti, go ahead and whip out that phone and take a look.

Instagram Handle: sofles

Writer: Sofles

Followers: 123k

Screen shot 2014-12-13 at 1.58.06 PM

Arguably one of the most well known names in graffiti these days from his array of videos and his skillful work, Sofles Instagram is full of the most intricate and unique pieces installed all over the world in the coolest places. With that many followers, you know its gotta be worth checking out.

Instagram Handle: jerseyjoeism

Writer: Rime

Followers: 61k

Screen shot 2014-12-13 at 1.58.48 PM

One of many MSK writers who are killin’ it on the Instagram front. Rime posts many of his impressive pieces, but also throws in some cool cartoonish canvases and sketches he has been working on. Not to mention, you also get a nice little taste of his life outside graffiti with flicks of friends and adventures.

Instagram Handle: tim_the_optimist

Writer: Optimist

Followers: 17k

Screen shot 2014-12-13 at 1.59.48 PM

Tim the Optimist is a staple in the Bay Area and on his Instagram you’ll get to see his work all over the bay and overseas in Asia. His unique recognizable handstyles are enough to make anyone want to go check it out, but he’s also got some amazing fine art work, as well as fresh ass freights.

Instagram Handle: gary_msk_ha

Writer: Gary

Followers: 45k

Screen shot 2014-12-13 at 2.00.31 PM

Another MSK writer who has some of the cleanest work in the game. I don’t know about you guys, but I am blown away every time I see how clean and perfect his pieces are. If you are into clean typography style graffiti then give his account a look, you wont be disappointed.

Instagram Handle: digitaldoes

Writer: Does

Followers: 57k

 Screen shot 2014-12-13 at 2.01.19 PM

Does has one of the most complete Instagrams I’ve seen. He’s got ridiculous pieces all over the world, he’s got amazing sketches, impressive photography, and pristine canvases. You’ll also see several close up shots of his pieces and they are easily some of the coolest photos I’ve seen on Instagram.

Instagram Handle: naksonesdk

Writer: Naks

Followers: 17k

Screen shot 2014-12-13 at 2.03.11 PM

If you ever spent time on YouTube looking at graffiti videos, chances are you stumbled upon a Stompdown Killas video. Naks one of SDK’s most talented writers has been keeping a solid Instagram account. Full of freights, canvases, blackbook work, and clothing design, its definitely worth taking a look.

Instagram Handle: travmsk

Writer: Trav

Followers: 48k

Screen shot 2014-12-13 at 2.04.30 PM

As we know, the MSK crew is dope. We’ve seen Rime’s and Gary’s Instagrams and there are a few other out there who also are in on the Instagram world. One really worth seeing, is Trav’s account. Like the other MSK guys, he’s got incredible pieces on freights and walls alike, as well as extremely accurate canvas work that uses amazing lettering and vibrant colors.

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