12oz Exclusive: ABMB – Converse Wall to Wall Featuring Sonni

By - Tuesday, April 8th, 2014

Presented by Converse Brooklyn based artist, Sonni, finds happiness in simplicity, humor and a palette of primary colors. Inspired by the raw energy of New York City, the art that lives both inside and out of it’s gallery spaces and the connection of like minds, he finds walls to paint. When asked about his work, he references happiness, the importance of time out from the complicated, busy and routine. He focuses on painting positive actions, emotions and sensations to remind people to enjoy. Sketchbook always in hand, it’s an integral part of his process when envisioning how pieces will inhabit a space. Lately, inspirations include works by Cezanne, Mondrian, Murakami and Kawaii culture. His Argentinan roots also present within the work he makes. Agency life in Buenos Aires meant art directing for high profile clientele and collaborating on various projects within film and animation. Inking ideas amidst his day was a regular outlet to distract, contributing to him producing works in the street. He also acknowledges the impact his father’s trade as a carpenter had on him growing up as he continues to explore dimension within his own work, transforming characters into sculpted wooden pieces. Since his move to the US, Sonni finds a balance between commercial work and personal projects, creating art for gallery shows, contributing to various group efforts and being outside painting. We partnered with Converse and Sonni to document his Wall to Wall experience during the 2013 edition of Art Basel Miami. Over the past couple of years, the brand has been inviting artists both stateside and internationally to create murals as part of the project. His wall was featured on the back cover of Juxtapoz Magazine’s March 2014 issue and is still running in Wynwood – NW 25th st / NW 3rd Ave. What was the concept behind your mural for Converse ‘Wall to Wall’ ? My inspiration behind my Wynwood mural was the joy of coming to Miami. Artists from all over the world come here to paint, show works, party and hang out together. Each of the tools and elements of my mural represent that. How many years have you been involved with Art Basel? I’m been part of Art Basel for three years now and every year I enjoy coming so much. In 2011, I painted a huge boombox, it was very exciting to share that piece with my friends. The shape of that particular building blew my mind, it was perfect and the location was close to I95, giving me the chance to show my work to everybody, even people who aren’t connected with art. What about Art Basel excites you the most? Its always very exciting to come to Art Basel, it’s like a party. The neighborhood turns into a huge canvas for artists from all over the world. I have the chance to meet friends from everywhere. Its a cool experience. Living in Miami before, what do you miss about the landscape here in comparison to your life in NYC? I lived in Miami for two years, I love the beach and the awesome skies, the people are very nice and very receptive to art and I have very good friends here, but I decided to move to New York to expand my possibilities and show my work more. What have you enjoyed the most about the experience of Converse Wall to Wall Art Basel? I really enjoyed this project with Converse Wall to Wall, its an exciting time to come to Miami during this high impact moment. Amidst all the craziness of Art Basel, I love having the opportunity to paint and show my work to everybody. How does painting in the street here compare to Argentina? Well I think painting in both has the same energy, of course here there is way more history concerning graffiti in New York. This city hosts a lot of talent but there are great artists over there too. Any upcoming projects for 2014 you want to share? Im very excited working for an art show in Seoul, Korea this March, followed by another show in Mexico next June. There is also a top secret project in the works. When you aren’t painting, what are you doing? Reading, eating steak, hanging out with friends, going to galleries and museums Who’s in your playlist right now? My playlist is full of music, but mostly Joy Division, Talking Heads, Led Zeppelin, The Ramones, The Clash, The National, Jesus and Mary Chain, Soda Stereo, Johnny Cash, The Smiths and others Over the years, do you have a favorite project you have worked on or that was very impactful? In 2011, I had a great experience putting together my solo art show at Primary Flight in Miami. I created an experience for people with my paintings, installations and murals. It was a great time!
Sonni is giving away one of his boomboxes as part of the launch of this video. Check out the 12ozprophet instagram for more details. We select a winner on Friday, April 11th. More Sonni here.
Photography: Ethersock, Rak4Life, Jason Suarez Words: Kelly Salih
PRODUCER 12oz Prophet – Allen Benedikt Creative Director Kelly Salih Director Jason Suarez Director of Photography Jason Suarez Assistant Camera Paul Maljak Vito Badamo Editor Jason Suarez Assistant Editor Paul Maljak Photographer Vito Badamo

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