12oz Exclusive: An Interview With Wais

By - Monday, November 24th, 2014

Wais is having his first solo show entitled “Layer By Layer” in Hong Kong next Thursday. We caught up with him for an interview before the show. Below is the interview with the man. Tell us who you are? Where you from? What’s happening? I’m an elephant(Wais) that comes from Russia and trying to make things happen in Hong Kong. -Tell us more about your show, any thing you felt special doing this show? I’m so excited about the show, it’s my first solo, and I found out one interesting topic about people eating each other for money and creating a chaos. And also because I’m in china, I have special feeling to try my best to combine Chinese symbols and my abstract graphics. It’s fun and I’m enjoying the process painting my canvases. I’ve learnt something new this time. -Your works are very “technical” and viasually impressive, how did you reach to this style? I think for everyone who loves art the best thing is to experiment it motivate it with passion. If you feel like something is burning you, you should do it for sure. I just trust my feeling and my vision. If you did something you like and you felt satisfied that’s the energy for people they should keep and pursue. -Are you using any special tricks? masking tape? ruler? cocaine? I never use tape for outside painting. Sometimes if it’s inside and it’s should be so fucking clean I use tape. Besides this that’s all freehand. About cocaine..I love it, but it doesn’t help for painting. -Why did you choose to do your first solo show in Hong Kong instead of Russia or any where else? No specific reason. The opportunity just just happened here. Nexe time it could be Russia or any other places. -Anything interesting happened to you so far in Hong Kong? I feel like my third leg is growing, lol. Actually, many things happened here in Hong Kong. I met more crazy people in my life that we can fuck around and do stupid shits. -Tell us 3 things to do and not to do in this city 1- Do drugs 2- Be a drug for people 3- Create big art 1- Don’t support violent revolution 2- Don’t be nice to two-faced people 3- Don’t spend money for alcohol. It’s free for us! -What’s after this? any future plans? I will keep doing my art. I will keep pushing things and I will eat more wild chicken feet.

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