12oz Exclusive: More Graffiti Caught Running On NYC Subway Trains

By - Thursday, February 19th, 2015

As most of us are aware, seeing a running train with graffiti is rare nowadays, but 12ozProphet has been lucky enough to have struck gold twice this week. This exclusive clean train shot is brought to you by a friend of 12oz, featuring another subway car sporting a bit more color than what is typically allowed.

As mentioned in our last clean train exclusive, the Metropolitan Transit Authority has made it their mission to keep trains that have been hit with graffiti off the tracks and out of the public eye, as part of the “clean train” movement. This all began back in 1972 when Mayor John Lindsay (unsuccessfully) declared war on graffiti and formed the first anti-graffiti task force.

By the 80’s, police presence and security measures were increased around the trains to discourage graffiti writers from painting them. David Gunn also took over as Presient of the New York City Transity Authority in 1984 (the man responsible for the clean train movement) and implemented a zero tolerance policy in regards to graffiti. This ensured that trains (even running trains) were pulled from the system if they we’re vandalized and had them taken to the yards to be cleaned. He and the other officals of the city opposed graffiti so strongly because many people at the time felt that there was a connection between the crime rates and the lower ridership numbers, and endless graffiti on the subways. Even now this connection is still made by those who don’t care for the culture. By May 12, 1989, the MTA declared victory over graffiti and boasted of a now graffiti-free subway system.

Occasionally, you hear whispers about times where writers still hit trains, but rarely do you see evidence of it. This is not only due to the MTA’s stance on the issue but also because of how it is nearly impossible to get close to the layups where the subway cars are usually kept. However, with the surge in cold weather New York it appears some writers have gotten bold and taken advantage of the changes in routine to creep in and leave their mark.

With the last few weeks of winter in New York winding down, be sure to keep your cameras ready just in case you catch a glimpse of another rare sighting of a graffiti-ed train and head to our Metal Heads forum to get your fill of more clean train shots.

If you’ve caught a train running and wan’t to submit news and a photo please contact us. 12ozProphet is happy to provide credit or publish your lead anonymously.

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