12oz On Tap: Blue Moon Vintage Blonde Ale

By - Friday, November 18th, 2011

The holiday season is upon us and what better way to celebrate with friends and family then a bottle of Blue Moon Vintage Blonde. Many of us have seen or tasted Blue Moon before, but how many have cracked open a bottle of Vintage Blonde?! Bluemoon decided to tap into their “Reserved Collection” and brew up this wheat beer with Chardonnay grape juice . With a champagne bottle shape, one can see a slightly cloudy orange color to it at first pour. Light body with a full taste of wheat, spices and a strong winey hit (very similar to Chardonnay) brings the beer together. The beers aroma consists of grapes and yeast hence the beer/champagne taste. As much as it is a beer, one may look at it as some type of champagne. Bottle Popping for Beer Lovers! Salud! {image-1} Recommendations: Try it! see if you like it. Just because it Bluemoon don’t drop and orange in it.I wouldn’t. Alcohol by Vol. 8.5% (Higher then your average) 750ml Fluid oz. 12.0 Cost: 10 dollars Availability: Out now for a Limited time only. Here’s a store locator to make your search easier BlueMoon Vintage Blonde Locator Text: Mau aka Mauntainbrew

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