12oz On Tap: Samuel Adams Winter Lager

By - Friday, November 11th, 2011

Winter is finally here!! Well…not really. The last couple days saw high temperatures in the 60s! What I meant to say was, Winter beers finally hit the shelves!!! As the seasons change, a lot of breweries throughout the U.S produce seasonal beer. Beer companies like Bells Brewery from Michigan, River Horsehead from Jersey, BluePoint from Long Island and Samuel Adams from Boston do an awesome job in providing beer drinkers with a nice variation of seasonal beer. The list of breweries goes on and on which makes it exciting in trying different beers and comparing each brewery in hopes to find your favorite amongst thousands to compare from. Most important note to remember is that seasonal beers are only available for a couple of months throughout the year. Here at 12oz, we patiently wait through 10 months until November hits so we can grab a nice 6 pack of Samuel Adams Winter Lager. Since it was first brewed back in 1989. Samuel Adams Winter Lager is brewed with ginger, cinnamon from South East Asia, and orange zest. The combination of these flavors with a touch of Noble hops and a hit of spice brings a nice warming flavor which makes it enjoyable to drink in these nice chilly NYC nights. This weekend if your taste buds crave some Thai food, try pairing it with a nice cold Samuel Adams Winter Lager. Since Thai food uses a wide range of spices, Winter lager will pair well due to the usage of ginger and cinnamon. Desserts that will pair with Samuel Adams Winter Lager include apple pie, carrot cake and Gingerbread. Try it with or without the pairings or if you see it on tap at your local bar and see what you think. It might be one of your favorite!! SALUD! Color: Deep Ruby to Brown Alcohol by Vol: 5.6% ABV Availability: November to January. Text: Mau

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