12 Questions: This (TCP) (PFE)

By - Wednesday, August 21st, 2013

A Florida head by trade, This (TCP) (PFE) has been putting down his name for years with no shortage of skill or lack of understanding of the fundamentals of letterforms. 12oz Prophet recently sat down with This to talk about nothing but strictly graffiti. This, where are you from and who are you running with? Shit, originally from New York. Didn’t start painting until I moved to Virginia. But took it seriously when I moved to Florida. Running around with them TCP and PFE boys. How long have you been actively writing your name? I been writing THIS since 2003. 10 years and a lot of work to show for it. Who can you thank for putting you on painting graffiti? When it comes to painting I wouldn’t know the fundamentals if it wasn’t for my boys Bueno HOA and Ke40 FAST, out of Northern Virginia. They were older than me so they kinda took me under their wing and showed me the ropes. How’d you get your introduction with the TCP and PFE guys? Both are crews of very talented individuals. I had known Themo for a couple years before he put me down. Actually, growing up I would see his pieces and always looked up to his stuff. All of PFE’s stuff. Perve, Mes, Era, etc. I got introduced to them TCP boys through Cynic. He and Sone2 had been talking to Typoe for a while. I eventually started going with them to Miami when they would go down for some spraycation bootcamp, haha. Where could you say that your style carries influence from? Has being in said crews played a large roll in furthering your style? I’d like to say my style is definitely influenced by traditional you could say. Old school. I’m all about letters. To me, there’s nothing more important than having solid letters and style. Everything is just compliments. I believe being in a crew will influence your style no matter what. Paint with people enough times, you’re gonna feed off each other’s ideas and styles. With that being said, there should already be a base towards your style. The influences should just help to develop further and keep improving on a style you already have. My crews definitely play a big role on my style and wanting to be better. There’s a lot of heavy hitters that I’m surrounded by. Your letters definitely have an old school, classic science to them. Being on the topic of letters, do you have an all time favorite piece of yours? It was just one of those pieces that everything came together so perfectly. And all i needed was some krylon silver and some rusto black grill paint haha. I had just found out my boy was in the hospital so thought he deserved a perfect piece. Could you say there was a turning point in your graffiti career that really started to change things for you? I honestly think once I linked up with Cynic, things started to go really well. And once I got introduced to the Miami heads and the scene, that’s when things really started to change. I was painting a lot more, meeting people I really looked up to, a lot more opportunities started to pop up. Like that Miami Graffiti book. I was really fortunate to be apart of that. Any last words or shouts? Just a shout out to my TCP and PFE family always making me want to do and be better. Keep up with This through his Instagram, and his Flickr.

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