In the Studio With: Scumbags & Superstars

By - Wednesday, October 30th, 2013

We stopped by the Brooklyn studio of Scumbags and Superstars. Our host, founder George Rosa, keeps his surroundings nostalgic with ebay finds, an extensive selection of Japanese vinyl and King Kong rarities. Its here where ideation happens. Rosa left art school wanting to create works accessible to many, avoiding the exclusivity of gallery walls. A spat with SMFA confirmed his dedication to building his brand. A chance encounter with Greg Rivera of Mishka in 2005 at Kid Robot motivated what could be, respecting Mishka’s underground status and growth from NYC into further expansion statewide and internationally. Firmly rooted in the streets of NYC, Rosa is adamant about both the quality and visibility of his brand. The graphics featured in his releases are the results of a collaborative process between himself and artists he has sought out including British artist, Sexual Youkai. Starting local, Desert Island in Brooklyn was the first to house his stickers, shirts and patches resulting in branching out into other local spots including Mishka. Inspired by his interests, he has explored creating limited editions such as his own collection of japanese vinyl, jewelry and as of recent, his first cruiser with L’Amour Supreme. When asked about evolving Scumbags & Superstars, he aspires to the Supreme business model, keeping an underground mindset whilst keeping the brand accessible. He respects those wearing his line, usually immersed within the subcultures that influence him. Future perfect would mean a store front in New York City. Watch this space. Photography: Morgan King

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