12oz Twelve: Cali Roller Kings

By - Wednesday, November 4th, 2015

Today is the first of a three part series dedicated to rollers. 

Rollers might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word “graffiti,” but that doesn’t take away from  what they contribute to the game.  

Unlike their counterparts;  tags/fillins/pieces/burners,  they can be way more challenging in terms of equipment and the mission.  For writers that do rollers, it requires them to lug numerous gallons of paint,  rollers and poles to the spot.  Definitely a different scenario than grabbing a bag of cans or random markers.  Now picture this… you are not only lugging all this shit around to the spot, but in order to get there,  your having to climb sketchy flights of stairs in bandos or rusty ass stairs on water towers.  Not so easy, right?

So the next time you run across one of these behemoths of paint,  think about all the effort that was put into getting it done.

Check it out the gallery above for our 12oz Twelve of Calis’ Roller Kings featuring: (not in any particular order)


Text by attng3tr

Photo creds:
Fucte,Blah, Eyrek Eager, Aware,Saute, chasingpaint, CBSCrew on IG

♢♢♢3triangles, drawnmonsters, Hello., irunitall, utapout, doomsday, GTRA, TheHarshTruthoftheCameraEye, ••True2Death•• on Flickr

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