12oz Twelve: Detroit Burners

By - Monday, May 11th, 2015

If you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t heard, Detroit has quickly become a hot bed for graffiti writers. As it has become arguably the best city to visit to see graffiti, some big names with big styles have left their mark all over the streets of Motor City. This edition 12oz Twelve covers 12 dope burners, seen on Detroit walls. 

Photos courtesy of 12oz crew member ATTNg3tr. Check out more of her photo work on Flickr


AIRES: Aires has been steadily crushing the streets of the D. In the photo below, Aires comes through with a super fresh fill and a nice yellow outline to top it off. 


RIME: We all know Rime has got game. He has been hitting up Detroit for some time now, and with other members of the infamous MSK (Mad Society Kings) crew. This Rime burner has a rad character and some of the cleanest letters. We can always count on Rime for fresh style.


ELMER: Elmer is becoming a household name on the streets of the Motor City. This piece rocks a nice brown and yellow scheme on one of the cleaner walls, found in Detroit. Be on the lookout for Elmer, he is on the serious come up. 


CHAOS: Another MSK crew member, Chaos has unique style. In recent years, Chaos has brought that style straight to Detroit’s walls. In the photo below, Chaos hits the side of a warehouse with an eye-popping color scheme.


YOGURT: Although Yogurt may not be the most well known on this list, Yogurt is a true Detroit native, and is putting it down for the city. If you havent been up on Yogurt, it’s time to check the work. This burner includes a mix of wild colors and smooth fills. 


BEGR: The sheer amount of pieces that BEGR has done throughout Detroit is impressive. With a wide range of letter styling and color schemes, Begr comes through with some of the best graffiti seen on the walls of the Motor City.


SOHOE: Sohoe has quickly risen to recognition. This burner rocks a black and white split, and it looks super rad. 


OMENS: The midwest is full of some of the best graffiti in the country. Omens is one dude contributing to that midwest funk. Crushing Detroit every now and then, Omens comes through with a yellow fill and his signature, angular lettering. 


HAELER: Also one of the D’s heavy hitters, Hael rolls with Begr, the WGE and Dirty 30 crews, completely killin’ it. This piece of Haeler’s has an incredible fill and he throws up some love for the crews. 


NIETS: If you haven’t peeped Niets work, than it’s about time you do. While in Detroit, Niets hit a bunch of spots, and this piece was one of the best.  


ESTE: Este has been painting his name all over the map. When Detroit blew up, Este made his way over to join in on the fun. With some fresh letter combos, Este came correct and did this wall right. The dude has been steady crushing it for quite a while. 


GASM: Gasm has been painting the walls of Detroit for a long time. Always steady on the grind, Gasm has contributed to the scene with some sick burners. This piece is a classic one, with a beige fill and a red and blue background. 


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