12oz Twelve: Graffiti Photographers to Follow on Instagram

By - Monday, April 13th, 2015

For this week’s edition of our 12oz Twelve, the 12oz team did something different this time around and collaborated to construct a list of some recommended graffiti photographers to instant-follow on Instagram. These choices were based on several factors, including: quality of the photos that were taken, quality of the graffiti that was being photographed, the quantity and frequency of posts and the overall visual appeal of their individual feeds. These accounts come from users based all over the United States and some that are based outside of them:

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Queens, NY – @fromqueens: A photographer who isn’t afraid of going out of his way (whether it be on a roof or any other seemingly impossible to reach place) to get a shot. His Instagram is constantly flooded with questions about where he took a particular shot. As his uploads are consistent, you would believe that he was outside shooting 24/7. 


Chicago, IL – @lurrkgod: Shooting both street art and graffiti, lurrkgod is a photographer with an eye for good finds. The quality of the photos he takes, along with his subjects, are what make his account stand out.


Birmingham, UK – @littlewinglost: Em (littlewinglost) is a photographer with a love for graffiti that’s currently taking her across Europe in search of her next subjects and shots. 


@gordon_gekkoh: gordon_gekkoh was a repeated mention for this post, and with good reason. Although he is based in the US and has photographed out of Detroit, Los Angeles, San Francisco, to name a few, his photos come from all over the world and has also photographed in Paris, Rome, Hong Kong and Berlin. 


Sewickley, PA – @henrychalfant:  Henry Chalfant is a photographer with an impressive number of years under his belt. He has released an iBook of 200 pages, titled Henry Chalfant’s Big Subway Archive (later renamed “Henry Chalfant’s Graffiti Archive: New York City’s Subway Art and Artists”). The archive is said to feature, “photographs of over 800 New York City MTA Subway cars emblazoned with graffiti artwork.” He has also collaborated with Martha Cooper on a book (Subway Art) and on a mosaic comprised of over 800 graffiti photos that were taken along with some of Cooper’s work as well.


@breakthings: Not much is known about breakthings, other than the speculation that he is most likely based in New York (judging by the large number of photos he has taken in the city). Breakthings doesn’t need much of an introduction, as the quality of his feed speaks for itself.

@allyouseeiscrimeinthecity: As a photographer and traveler, this user features photos of graffiti (along with street art) from across the globe, including, but not limited to, Brazil, Argentina, Malaysia, and Denmark. 

Chicago, IL – @jeff_mancilla_: A photographer mostly known for his documentation of Chicago graffiti and street art, Jeff is a great example of the balance between quantity and quality, as he has plenty of photos documenting graffiti without making the sacrifice image quality in exchange for a higher post count.


California – @mrxclownxface: A picture says 1000 words, and this user has a ton – check out this feed.


Minnesota – @lost_andfoundeth: Less words, more photos.

Bay Area, CA – @bay_area_graffiti: Sponsored by DownTownHeroes, a clothing line based out of San Francisco, CA, this account features flicks taken throughout the Bay Area.

Who are some of your favorite graffiti photographers? Be sure to sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and mention some photographers you feel would have been a good fit for this week’s 12oz Twelve. 

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