12oz Twelve: Graffiti Writers You Should Get to Know

By - Friday, April 10th, 2015

Graffiti is still a thing. Without it, there wouldn’t be 12ozProphet. But graff and graffiti writers are always rotating and changing. Some names fall to the dirt while others rise above it. This installment of the 12oz Twelve features names you’ll want to get to know if you are at all into the current graffiti scene. Some of these writers have already made big moves in the last few years, and others are on the quick come-up. This is just twelve writers, in no specific order, so if you know other writers who are making fast-paced moves and getting their names up, leave a comment below. 


ACET: Acet has been all over the East Coast in recent years. From hitting his now “signature” throwie on walls in New York City to spraying precise straight letters on freight panels, Acet has quickly become one of the current most recognizable East Coast writers. 

Acet Carnagenyc

BAER: Baer, down with BTR and DFM, has been painting the San Francisco Bay Area for a while now. Recently Baer has really ramped it up with some of the most unique and interesting pieces, including guts, corpses, lizards and other wild elements.  

Baer Watchback

BEGR: You might be saying, “0f course we know Begr,” and yes, Begr is a more seasoned writer than some of the other names on this list; but in the last couple of years, Begr has emerged at the forefront of current graffiti. Painting what seem to be multiple burners a day all over the United States makes Begr a name you have to know.


CENO: Ceno blew up in the last couple of years from hitting the streets harder than most. He has traveled from Dallas to NYC, Chicago and the Bay, and several other major cities across the United States, hitting walls with his classic throwie and fresh burners. You better get to know Ceno, because he represents street bombing. 


Meck: A relatively new name to the Bay Area, Meck and the Charles Crew have put together some of the raddest pieces around the Bay and New Orleans. 

Meck hellabay

DONUT: Another writer on the East Coast who is quickly becoming a staple is Donut. Donut has one of the best throwies around, and crushes freights with Acet, too. If you haven’t seen Donut’s work around, then you’d best open your eyes. 

Donut writinghardcore

MIKE: At the head of the DFM and Top Dogs crews is Mike. And although Mike has been painting for awhile now, he, too has decided to ramp it up and completely crush shit. Mike has a unique style, and often comes through with some dope characters to go along with his pieces. Mike is arguably the “Top Dog” in the Bay Area right now (pun intended). 

Mike writinghardcore

PEAR: If you dont already know Pear, get to know Pear. Killin’ it for NSF crew, Pear has made his way across the United States, painting walls everywhere. Pear keeps it straight up, nothing too crazy, and always looks good. 

Pear Watchback  

UTER: Another writer from the up and coming Charles Crew, Uter is one of the newer writers who has style like no other. He’s been compared to Horfe. Uter incorporates machines, liquids, instruments and other objects into his pieces, which he mostly completes with cheap cans and found wall paint. 

Uter Hellabay

PEMEX: Pemex is quickly becoming a well known name around the Bay Area. In the last few years Pemex has come through with some of the Bay’s dopest burners, not to mention his throwie is one of the sickest out there. Get to know Pemex, if you want to know about the Bay. 

Pemex carnagenyc

FUCTE: One writer who has been spraying up Los Angeles, as well as Detroit, is Fucte. Fucte’s style encompasses a mix of classic LA and the new age Detroit look. It makes sense since he has been getting up with the likes of Augor and Este.  


PDOG: From coast to coast Pdog has been bombing and spraying up that fresh throwie. Not only has Pdog been hitting walls like crazy, he’s also been doing freights.

Pdog Carnagenyc


(Images via carnagenyc, writinghardcore, watchback, hellabay, Attng3tr)

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