12oz Twelve: An Interview With Young Planet

By - Monday, November 16th, 2015

We last caught up with Brooklyn-based duo Young Planet back in August, sharing our praise for their recently released summer anthem, “Chosen Few.”

The pair comes together to balance vocals and production in a way that is truly exciting, and full of energy. Young Planet exists in its current creative form due to of years of hard work, taking risks musically, and overall, sharing a mutual dedication and passion for the craft.

With an intention of being as “infinite as the universe we float in,” Young Planet aims to share an experience with its listeners, all while working to constantly keep evolving and growing as artists. Each track they’ve shared thus far has been a little bit different than the previous, and Young Planet manages to mix it up, all while positively building off their distinctive styles and keeping their music’s polish, quality and charm consistent between releases.

Snow Ocean by Young Planet

In advance of the group’s next live show, going down this Friday, November 20th at Santos Party House in NYC, we took some time to sit down and get to know the talented musicians a little better. 

1. Introduce yourself – your name, where you’re from & where you’re at now.

My name is Eibol, originally from Ossining, NY but now living in Sunset Park, Brooklyn.
My name is Cidida from Frederick, Maryland and also living in Sunset Park, Brooklyn.

2. How did you get started both individually and as a team?
E: I started making music in high school with a group of friends; we started our own indie label called Fingerprint Records releasing and touring our music from 2000- 2005

C: I started as a DJ back in Frederick when I was 12 years old spinning at parties for my friends. Around the same time, a group kids in my neighborhood began writing rhymes and rapping. When I brought my first verse to the table they all bugged out and said it was really dope and I’ve been hooked ever since. Eibol and I first met early 2006 working at Chung King Studios – we would work as assistant engineers during the day and when the artists left for the night we would go back into the studio and work on music of our own. Literally living at the studio for a year, we were able to set the foundation for what is now Young Planet.

3. As a duo, do you balance production and lyrics? How does your partnership work?
E: At first glance it would seem pretty straight forward, I produce the records and he writes the lyrics… Our process is a bit more collaborative than that. We create songs with no true formula and let the feeling of the moment dictate the direction we go.

4. Tell us a bit about yourself and your creative processes. For example, what does your preferred environment to begin working on a new track look like?
E: The process usually starts with me bringing a skeleton beat to the table or Cid bringing some lyric ideas. We take that to our home studio and start dissecting it until we shape a song. We have a setup that allows us to move freely creatively so a bulk of our work pretty much just comes out of this one room.

5. When does a new song feel finished to you?
C: It never truly feels finished until it’s been mixed, mastered and ready to be released. Creatively, it’s just a feeling when everything feels right with the song then you know it’s ready.

6. What helps inspire your music?
C: I think for us just everyday life. There can be inspiration in almost anything, the key is just to stay open and pay attention.

7. What advice has really stuck with you and what was the source?
E: We’ve had a lot of good advice over the years but one piece that really resonated with us was from a Q&A with George Clinton at the Brooklyn Museum. When asked how to stay relevant with a long lasting career, his advice was simply to never stop paying attention to now, and always stay open minded.

8. Fill us in about your latest project.
E: We released our latest project Snow Ocean on Feb 13th 2015 via our website spinyoungplanet.com. It’s a 5 song EP that reflects on our journey over the past couple of years.

9. What’s up next?
New music, new merch. And more shows. We have two projects recorded and are currently getting ready for the mixing process on those. Super excited to get this new material out there!

10. What are you listening to right now?
C: Im always skipping through different genres and eras everyday. Some of the new artists I’m feeling would be Travis Scott, FKA Twigs, and Chance the Rapper just to name a few.

11. Who are your top 5 artists, either visually or musically these days?
1. FKA Twigs
2. Radiohead
3. Mike Dean
4. The Code
5. Kendrick Lamar

12. If you can pick any artist or photographer to put together your album art, who would it be and why?
It would have to be 100% Jonathan Mannion, he’s a master at his craft and has shot so many defining moments in Hip Hop / music in general.

Interview by KC Orcutt

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