12oz Twelve: New York City Handstyles

By - Tuesday, April 7th, 2015

Handstyles and tags are the root of all graffiti. Many writers will say that handstyles are essential, and if you can’t tag well, then you shouldn’t bother trying to do anything else with a can of paint. New York City, arguably the mecca of graffiti, is home to some of the freshest handstyles, check em out. 


ADEK: Adek, an NYC staple, comes through with some super drips on this smooth mop tag.  


EARSNOT: A well known New Yorker, Earsnot is known for his “buttery” tags throughout the city. He hits this spot with a dope white spray tag. 


DCEVE: New York City is filled with tagged postal boxes. Dcever catches a rad dripping white tag on the side of one. Gotta love those “E’s”. 

Dceve thewritersbench

PEAR: Pear has hit up NYC quite a lot. This fresh handstyle has some great flow and looks prime on the side of another New York postal box. 

Pear writinghardcore

GUSTO: Gusto has one of NYC’s cleanest handstyles. With the simple letters, it just looks too good. 


KATSU: Another big name in New York graffiti these days is Katsu. Right here, he catches a dripping tag with dope letters. 


RIME: Rime of MSK has also sprayed plenty of spots around the city with his sick handstyles. Rime hits a fat blaster tag on a classic NYC roll down gate.


SKUF: Skuf is an NYC legend whose name screams New York. This shot, catches an awesome Skufone spray paint tag across a roll down gate. 


FALSE/LIONS: Here’s a little bonus for you (no pun intended), False and Lions, two New York writers hit this van with some dope handstyles. Gotta love those perfect drips on that False tag. 

False:Lions Nowyourecool   

ZEISM: Zeism could be said to be the king of NY handstyles. The signature Zeism fat cap tags are always huge, and you never miss em. 

Zeism talibansleezynyc

KAPUT: This Kaput whiteout tag is pretty cutting edge. He hits this lowkey spot with a cool triangle to finish off the handstyle. 


SNOEMAN: Snoeman, member of NYC’s well known Smart Crew has a dope handstyle with some fresh flow to it. 

Snoeman CarnageNYC


(images via SprayBeast, CarnageNYC, WritingHardcore, TheWritersBench, NowYoureCool)

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Comment #1

PETEMORAN - April 12, 2015

That Dcever shot was taken by me. Mind directed me to where you found it?

Comment #2

theoriginalgoober - April 13, 2015

Comment #3

PETEMORAN - April 19, 2015

Thank you. I reached out and asked for the photo to be removed. I would appreciate it if you would update your post with the proper credit or remove the image.

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