The 12oz Twelve: Vandal Team Supreme

By - Monday, March 16th, 2015

Graffiti crews are one of the essential elements of graffiti. Having a solid crew to back you up and paint with has been a part of graffiti since it first began. With a tight crew, writers can challenge each other and learn from one another to elevate crew success. It’s also just more fun to paint with homies. VTS, Vandal Team Supreme, Very Top Secret is one of the most well known graffiti crews of the last decade. An exceptional handful of today’s acclaimed writers are members of VTS, including Remio, Large, Enron and Bonus.


Bonus VTS

BONUS: Bonus has been crushing it for VTS for awhile, hitting loads of freight and other spots. Bonus kills it with the fresh fill, lime green outline, and dope letter flow on this somewhat awkward wall.


Enron VTS

ENRON: Enron has one of the more clever monikers in the graff game right now. Enron crushes this clean box truck with an amazing red throwie. 


Erupto VTS 2   

ERUPTO: Erupto has bombed Canada, the United States, and many other graffiti hotbeds. This older freight provides classic nostalgia with its clean black and white straight letters. 


Large VTS 

LARGE: Large has some of the most technical and clean pieces rolling on freights and on walls. His style involves rad connections and incredible flow, as exhibited here.


Myth VTS 2

MYTH: Myth has also been a long time freight crusher. Here, Myth come through with a great piece that dominates this car. 


Erupto VTS  

ERUPTO: Again Erupto absolutely kills this wall, with one of his sickest pieces. The white, simple fill is perfect for the intricate burner. 


Pufer VTS 2

PUFER: One of the Vandal Team’s less know members, Pufer’s skills are equally as impressive as any other member. Most of the VTS members tend to have some pretty rad handstyles. Here is one of the fresher ones that really stands out on the wall. 


Myth VTS

MYTH: Again Myth completely dominates this freight car with an awesome “throwback” style piece and that hand with the can is too good. 


Large VTS

LARGE: Here is Large laying down a piece on a clean freight. Large comes through with a nice color combination and some tight letters. 


Remio VTS 2

 REMIO: Remio is one of the VTS staples. Here Remio hits this gate with a signature blue and yellow ‘REM’ throwie. 


Pufer VTS

PUFER: We saw Pufer’s handstyle skills. On this one, he kills this wall with a complex piece that has a full background and unique letters. 


Remio VTS

REMIO: And of course, we need to include a Remio handstyle. Arguably, one of the best handstyles in graffiti, Remio tags his name, crew and the year on this electric box with a drippy mop. 

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