12oz Twelve: Whole Cars

By - Tuesday, March 24th, 2015

There is nothing quite like seeing a whole car roll by as a freight moves on down the tracks. Here are twelve of the freshest freight whole cars that are potentially rolling through your area soon. 

MecroMECRO: Mecro has been crushing freights like it’s his job. Mecro often paints some of the most skillful panels seen these days, but here Mecro comes through with a massive chrome, straight letter, sitting on a nice tilt. 


SovietSOVIET: Soviet rocks a complex piece, one you might see him throw down on a wall or the panel of a freight, but this time it’s the whole car. 


Lords OddioLORDS: The Lords, based on the West Coast, have painted a few whole cars in recent years. This one, painted by Reks and Cue has some amazing symmetry. 

KwestKWEST: Another well known freight crusher, Kwest completely rocks this car with one of the most complex whole cars I have ever seen.  


king SenseslostKING: An old school freight writer, King has a hand full of whole cars under his belt. This fresh burner with a nice fade is one of the best.  

Kems GeserKEMS & GESER: This duo from the 3A crew has traveled all over and killed freights along the way. Here, they paint this whole car with some dope matching pieces. 


Kems Ges 3 carKEMS & GESER: It is only right that these writers deserve another whole car on the list, or maybe another 3. Kems and Ges, hit three whole cars in a row…unreal. 


keep6KEEP6: The Canadian writer, and member of YouTube celebrity graffiti crew SDK, has painted a few whole cars in his day. This one is one of the best with the fresh chrome letters and dope cracks. 

IchabodICHABOD: Ichabod the freight god. If you know even the slightest about graffiti or freight trains, you know about Ichabod. From the YME and Circle T crew, Ichabod has painted more freights than probably any other person. 


Ich 2ICH: So, obviously we are going to have to show a bunch of Ich whole cars…


Ich EastcoastICH: Rumor has it that there is rarely a freight train that rolls by without an Ichabod car on it. Here, Ich uses his signature tick-tock letter and skull. 


AcetACET: Acet, an east coast writer has been making a lot of noise recently.

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