12oz Visits Goorin Bros. Hat Shop in Boston in Anticipation of their West Village Store Opening

By - Thursday, October 6th, 2011

While 12oz was recently in Boston for the “Evolution of Graffiti Day” at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts we noticed a sign painter working on a window above Newbury Street. Peaking our interest, we ascended the stairs and wandered into Goorin Bros. Hat Shop, and we were glad we did. It was evident that the same attention to detail that was going into the window also goes into every element of the store from the interior design, the artwork hanging on the walls, and the hats that this company produces and sells. Poised and focused, Josh Luke patiently painted the black outline of letters that were soon going to come alive with gold leaf. Luke recently moved to Boston from San Francisco where he cut his teeth working for New Bohemia Signs. Now a Bostonian, Luke opened up his own shop, Best Dressed Signs, offering quality craftsmanship and design in an artform that is nearly lost. The windows aren’t the only thing that’s hand-painted in this store. The walls are covered with a subtle black on black design painted by the San Francisco graffiti writer Reyes, who also painted the large Goorin signage behind the register. In fact, all of the artwork on the walls is original, painted by San Francisco-based artists (Reyes MSK, Steel MSK, and Amanda Lynn) who are friends of Ben Goorin, owner of the company. The artists’ in Goorin’s circle are also collaborators. The same creativity and attention to detail goes into the hats. In addition to Goorin’s traditional fedoras and newsboy caps, which are stylish and well executed, their 1333 Minna Collection consists exclusively of collaborations with artists. Check out the brand new Goorin Bros. Hat Shop that opens TODAY at 337 Bleecker Street in the West Village, New York. Visit Goorin Bros. Hat Shop in NYC at 337 Bleecker Street in the West Village. Visit Goorin Bros. Hat Shop in Boston at 130 Newbury Street.

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