12oz 12 Questions: EDECSKI Inkheads

By - Friday, October 7th, 2011

Welcome to our new column where we ask 12 questions to someone we think you should know from influencers inside the graf game to inspirational figureheads in the world of art and design. Thanks to Edecski for kicking this off! Edec’s a throwback to a time when writers would pay attention to every detail, to every spray of the nozzle. His artwork and graffitti is colorful, powerful and organic. He’s from a different generation and is always willing to pass down that knowledge. Edec is one of those few friends I have that I truly trust and take to heart what he has to say. Photo cred: Cosbe When did you start making art? I remember my father doing blueprints when I was young, so I started doing art when I was only seven years old. What’s your current medium of choice? Paint markers, acrylics, spraypaint, ink, stickers, collage. Favorite color? Green Favorite cheap food spot? Chinatown Bakery Favorite Bar? Anywhere downtown or where there are nice people. Favorite gallery or museum? MOMA Favorite mode of transportation? Subway Favorite Destination? Prospect Park and Central Park because the museums are nearby. What are you currently listening to? Ultramagnetic MCs, Los Iracundos, Steady B, DJ K-ogee, EPMD. What are you reading? Essays on electromagnetic fields, Araka Isozaki, archigram. Person you admire? Painter Roberto Matta Ending statement? Everyday we must create and develop better ways to communicate. Listen to good music, check out interesting art, photography, technology, places. The city is a never ending reference to make projects, structures and build positive energy. Shoutouts to everyone out there making the best music, art, ways to make this planet better! Peace y’all.

www.everydaywalkman.blogspot.com Post by Cosbe

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