12ozProphet Exclusive: BPLA Spraycation in Berlin

By - Tuesday, July 14th, 2015


After having fun with Urban Nation in Berlin for a week documenting their Project M8 (covered here) we joined up with several writers that were brought out by BPLA (Below Poverty Level Artists) to have some fun around the city. The trip included a handful of DMS members from Los Angeles to New York: SKID, TALE, GNS, N8, Los Angeles based COSMOE OTR, Oakland based MINE and New York Based SAVS. The trip was packed with MANY close calls with cops as well as a couple of the guys getting picked up (Skid being arrested in photo below) for a day in Berlin. Their adventures took them an espsestoss filled abandoned hospital directly on the line where the Berlin Wall stood. And it wouldn’t be a trip to Berlin without hitting the east and west sides of the walls which required a heavy effort of looking out. We also noticed there was some fun random tags the fellas did around town. The graffiti scene of Berlin is very close to what the United States looked like in 1993 not to mention the oldest piece we saw running was from 1991!! The cities level of respect for other writers is quite astonishing too as everyone tries to out do each other by climbing higher and higher or using giant rollers to go around other pieces. Check out the madness that happened between all the beers we had. Stay tuned for our coverage of the BPLA crew in Amsterdam!

IMG_0179Not always fun and games. 

_MG_1024 _MG_1037 _MG_1040 _MG_1046 _MG_1089

The Berlin Wall (west side)


East side of Berlin Wall

_MG_1200 _MG_1210 _MG_1227 _MG_1231 _MG_1258 _MG_1272 _MG_1284 _MG_1288 _MG_1304 _MG_1317 _MG_1332 _MG_1369 _MG_2135 _MG_2154 _MG_3444 _MG_3446 _MG_3449 _MG_3450 _MG_3452 _MG_3460 _MG_3462 _MG_3464 _MG_3468

Abandoned hospital 

_MG_3474 _MG_3481 _MG_3490 _MG_3510-HDR _MG_3520 _MG_3545 _MG_3558 _MG_3568 _MG_3585 _MG_3606-Pano _MG_3620_MG_3630_MG_3717-HDR_MG_3634-HDR_MG_3762_MG_3775_MG_3788_MG_3814_MG_3826_MG_3831_MG_3844-PanoHidden section of the Berlin Wall.


Words and pics: Birdman.


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