12ozProphet Exclusive: Esko Art Philadelphia

By - Tuesday, May 7th, 2013

This week 12ozProphet had the pleasure of sitting down with up and coming urban artist Esko. A New Jersey native, Esko is currently living and creating in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Peep the interview below to get a feel for his work and a sense of how the Philly graffiti scene is looking these days. -How do you feel about the graffiti scene in Philly today? The graffiti scene in Philly is all about hands and bombing. I’d like to see more piecing definitely though. Coming from another area to Philly, it was a lot more different than I imagined. Don’t get me wrong though, Philly holds it down. I can’t speak for Philly graff because I’m an outsider looking in, but big ups to every writer doing their thing. -Who has the biggest impact on your work other than yourself? I would have to say the people around me when I’m working. Namely my best friends who are artists. When we work, it’s often at the same time, and they’re the ones that are the most honest. They don’t hesitate to say “I don’t like that” or “That doesn’t look right”. And that’s exactly what I need. -What inspires you? Collage-wise I’m inspired by the obscene amount of pictures that I collect. I end up getting most of my images from magazines, including national geographic and magazines from 1930’s and 1940’s. Keep a look out for more vintage-looking pieces in the future. My inspiration comes from everyday life, music, and found objects. I love finding materials and turning them into art. I hope to do more of that in the future. -Where did you get the name ESKO? ESKO is just a legal name. I began ‘doing art’ through writing. It taught be the fundamentals of what I know now and I wouldn’t be doing this if it weren’t for graffiti. But that name is another, is personal, and is something I’d rather not get into. I picked the name ESKO because I liked the sound of it, the letter combination works for me, and I didn’t want a government name behind my art. It makes it more interesting, at least for me… -Any writers you look up to? 
 If I had to give you a list of writers I like or look up to I’d be a mile long. I’ll shorten it to just crews as a whole that I look up to (in no particular order): AIDS, FH, MAYHEM, DETHKULT, SMART, CDC, CKD, AYO. -What is the ultimate message/objective of your work?
 The whole point of my work is just to make people think. I don’t even really care what one may think about it, as long as I made them think. If I can stop somebody from walking past it, get them to stop and look at it, and even form an opinion, then a piece to me is successful. I want to tell a story with my work, and have the viewer be the author. -If you could bomb with anyone in history who would it be? Nace (R.I.P). The man was a legend….He was way ahead of his time. -Any up coming shows/events? Yes actually, I’m showing in Sub2 Gallery (Sub Squared) in Philly on May 11th, at 6pm The address is 10 N 3rd St, Philadelphia, PA 19106 . It starts at 6 pm and should be a good time. -Any last words out shout outs you’d like to make? Shout out to the following people: S.Brown, PACEO, SOP120, ZAES CKD, Douchey-Lou, Miss Means, John Urbano. Dan Eells (An awesome artist) – http://dieells.tumblr.com Feel free to ‘Like’ me on facebook to keep updated with shows, new work, print contest giveaways, etc. – www.Facebook.com/EskortArt If you Tumble or whatever you can follow me here too- http://eskotheartist.tumblr.com Lastly, I have a website too.- http://eskotheartist.com Any questions? Email me at EskortArt@gmail.com

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