12ozProphet Photo of the Day: Cope2 vs Seen & PJ 1985

By - Monday, November 21st, 2011

{image-1} Here is our 12ozProphet Photo of the Day. Cope2 posted a classic photo from 1985, detailing his turf war with Seen and PJ. “Now this was a war! 
It started on the 2 & 5 lines. I had those lines pretty much smashed
 with the most throwups at the time. PJ was released from prison. Him and Seen teamed up again and started to destroy every line in their path, from the 6 line to the 2 & 5’s and in doing so they just happened to go over me! I felt kind of disrespected in the sense that I looked up to them so I just had to retaliate back!
I was bombing hard with my boy quik KD (RIP) at the time.
 He was always down for drama, he was a real dude. He was also having his war with Med and Fayde.
Cap MPC put an all out war on me cause I had left the crew cause all my burners were getting dissed.
I moved on to the 1 line trying to take it over since I’ve hit it several times since ‘82.
The war with PJ & Seen got so crazy it went onto the highways, people’s houses getting bombed, car windows getting smashed, it was the real deal. PJ & Seen went on to destroy the 1 line. In doing so they ran into several of my cars
and throwups and killed them. In the end, thanks to mutual friends the whole beef got squashed. I look back now and having graffiti war’s with graffiti gods like Seen, PJ & Cap
 made me the bombing legend I am today.” –Cope2

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