12ozProphet Presents: Counting Sheep – GOOMBA – Collection 01 Volume 01

By - Friday, October 23rd, 2015

It’s all about the spots. Having the most spots, the best spots, the biggest, baddest and dangerous spots in the game. The higher the better. Extreme risk involved? Perfect. Those are the most legendary and iconic spots there are. The ones people still talk about 10 years after you hit it. The ones that live through the fading, buffing and dissing. The ones that get you a pocket full of texts the morning after you hit it. We’re talking about Heaven Spots, and the people bold and talented enough to pull them off.

Counting Sheep is a new series from Creator Drew Milo. Designed to capture one night in the lives of writers, the series starts off with a bang. The night captured is not just any old mission for GOOMBA C2C, It’s one he has been building up to for years. It’s the night he finally conquered a spot only dreamed of by most writers, the water tower in Greenville. Only two people had hit it before, PK KID and WERDS. Now GOOMBA headed for the heavens, to leave his mark on one of the most iconic spots in New Jersey.

GOOMBA begins the night with a thorough warm up routine. He stretches it out with some handstyles and slaps, hardly breaking a sweat as he approaches his first roof top spot. It’s late, but the neighborhood is quiet and attentive. Neighbors wake up at the slightest sound, flipping on lights to look around. It’s key to be on your toes at these moments, knowing when to chill until those good samaritans return to counting sheep. All goes well, and GOOMBA lays his eyes on his next target 

You can see the water tower from miles away. It’s by far the highest thing around, measuring 40 stories to the top, and works as a reference point as GOOMBA walks through the neighborhood. It seems to grow taller as they grow closer, and the imposing nature of what they are about to do becomes more real by the step. But GOOMBA is determined.

Sneaking past the New Jersey Transit Control Center and eluding the watchful eye of security ended up being the easy part. The real struggle came in climbing up 40 stories on a broken and rusted ladder. These are the type of hazards that earn spots like the water tower the reputation as a Heaven. It takes total commitment, either you’ll pull it off or you’ll die trying.

40 stories above the rest of the world you are painfully aware that you are not alone. Every sound travels up, every door closed and car started. Below you can see the security making their rounds and doing otherwise an excellent job. On the other side late night traffic speeds by. If anyone saw GOOMBA executing, who knows, but no one came checking and the mission was able to continue.

That GOOMBA doesn’t just settle for knocking out one of the most iconic spots in the city is a testament to his drive. The dude can and will write on everything around him. When he is out painting that’s all he cares about. There are no distractions and no concern for the consequences. If he wants a spot he’ll get it, and there better not be a cop around because there might be a fight.

In the end everything went smoothly. One night, with one artist and one of the biggest spots around. As the Counting Sheep series continues we will have the opportunity to see other writers creep their way through the streets. Each artist approaches their routine differently, with different superstitions and methods they figure to best keep them out of the long arms of the law. Here’s to hoping to continued success, and many more spots amongst the heavens.


 Words by Spencer Knowles and Chester Copeprpot

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