12ozProphet Relaunch – The Struggle Continues

By - Sunday, July 6th, 2014


So as some of you may have noticed, we quietly launched our new website late last Friday after being down for two days trying to sync our data across. Our projections was that it would take about 6 hours to sync the data, perhaps another 6 hours to test that data, leaving us a decent fusion to make some last second tweaks and prep some new content before going live at about the 24 hour mark. Unfortunately, it turned out to be a far more challenging process than expected.

In a nutshell, within the first hour of launch we noticed some pretty massive loads to our database server. Shortly after we began seeing evidence that not all data synced the way it was supposed to… Mixed up registration dates, missing post counts, reset user group levels and more. Investigating things further we saw that the mismatched data was also wreaking havoc on the database queries, which is the heart of what makes a complex website like 12ozProphet tick.

Anyhow, it really, really sucks… But ultimately we felt it was best for you guys to at least be able to access the old website, than have to deal with the massive performance issues of the new website, regardless of how slick it does look.

I guess you can call it a trial run or a teaser… Some of you guys got to see what we’ve been working on all these months and hopefully agree with me on how slick it looks. The new website is built around the goal of showcasing photo and video content in the best way we know how. As you saw (briefly) it has all kinds of tech packed in, like load manager and responsive – mobile friendly – coding built in. The freakin’ login finally works! And yes… the forum clock works also!

I’d like to ask that you please remain patient for a little while longer. We’re working diligently on stomping out these last bugs and will be enlisting additional help with the data sync. All of us at 12ozProphet, and myself especially, sincerely appreciate the loyalty, respect and support you’ve shown us over the years. I believe that once we get this new website launched, which fixes all of the stupid technical issues we’ve wrestled with these last couple years, you’ll agree that this next chapter in the 12ozProphet saga is going to be a good one. More importantly, however, is that this new website is the foundation for many more years of cool shit from the brothers (and sisters) behind the struggle here at 12ozProphet.

Please drop a note in the comments if you have any questions and I’ll do my best to answer them. Also, please do me (and the 12ozProphet community) a favor and help us spread the news when we finally get this things launched.

Thanks again for all the patience and support!


Dirty Dozen Crew President, 12ozProphet

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