12ozProphet X Bazooka Films 77: 1969 Ft. EAGER, PDOG & TASE

By - Wednesday, November 18th, 2015

EAGER. The name fit’s perfectly. So ready to pounce on any dope spot, always prepared to bomb, day or night. The energy is so high with this kid that it had to be captured. Pure unadulterated passion for hitting the streets and hitting them hard. That sort of dedication is usually a sign of great things to come. Better believe we’ll be keeping out eyes open.

Then you got PDOG crushin’ it with that signature P. Something about that just fits perfectly as well. With the backwards cap, the faces, and the free wheeling style, it all melds so well with the name. He’s got the P so down, that when you drive by you don’t even need to catch the whole thing clean to know who it is. The recognition is instantaneous. 

And TASE. Oh, boy, is he bringing the heat on those Ts! That Uzi with the extendo, or the T wrapped in a bullet proof vest, make for some fuego throwups. I don’t know who would be taking shots at this guy, but by the looks of it he won’t hesitate to fire back. Bang, bang.

Having walked around West Oakland quite a bit this last week I can tell you that these three together have some dope spots running. After linking up with the homie Bazooka Films at Oakland Terminal, he showed me this footage and it became clear that these guys are some hitters. The no fucks given attitude with which they execute is that classic graffiti mentality.

Shouts out to EAGER, PDOG, TASE and Bazooka Films 77 for staying true to those nighttime hooligan activities that are the reason we all love this shit. Shout out to Oakland Terminal Gallery for the hospitality this week, and shout out to everyone out here in the bay killin’ shit day in, and night out. Make sure to keep your head up and looking out from the newest shit from the above mentioned, and from 12ozProphet. As usual we got some big things in the works.

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