12ozProphet x Handselecta Practice Makes Perfect Contest Winners!

By - Thursday, July 24th, 2014

We’ve had a lot going on in the 12ozProphet and Handselecta camps the last few weeks, and truth be told, you guys didn’t make it any easier on us by submitting so much heat. We finally put enough time aside to circle wagons with Curve and Gorey to decide on the official winners. We even decided to break our own rules and name winners overseas, because Curve and Gorey were so impressed by their hands and decided it was time to shine a little light in other corners of the world. Congrats to @sare2 and @dizzy_that, the contests winners! Thanks for your patience, and no less thanks for all who submitted some heat.

But that’s not all, because it was a nearly impossible decision, we decided to break precedent yet again and create an honorable mention to @theeblackadder who always participates and always comes correct with on elf the freshest hands in the game. He submitted fresh styles with with consistency, and stepped up with a dope video submission. Was only right to put a prize package together for you too.

Judges choices and thoughts on the styles below, but thanks again to all who participated. We’re already looking forward to the next one, so stay tuned for the next contest and prizes!

12oz will be PM’ing winners via Instagram to collect their prize packs.

Thanks, 12ozProphet, Handselecta, Curve & Gorey

CURVES CHOICE: @sare2 “Good flow, the skill is evident, as it appears to be written very casually and with ease. Fresh letters, particularly the P’s. The overall shape of the phrase is well done.” – Curve

GOREY’S CHOICE: @dizzy_that “Each letter is very strong and well executed, the loop at the end of the first E is solid. The entire block of three words is super compact and generally feels like it was executed fast.” – Gorey

HONORABLE MENTION: @theeblackadder “With the consistent submissions and even the elevated game with the freestyled videos. Sick!”

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