12ozProphet Exclusive: Meggs Behind the Scenes at Thinkspace Gallery

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12ozProphet got a chance to check out what Melbourne based artist Meggs has up his sleeve for his latest solo show “Heavenly Creatures” at Thinkspace Gallery in Culver City, LA this Saturday April, 6.

Renowned for his founding work and involvement with the Everfresh Studio collective in Melbourne, Meggs has been a prolific street artist and exhibitor for over a decade. Distilling his inspiration from an amalgam of pop cultural references, ancient mythology, classical imagery, and street art, Meggs’ recombines familiar imagery to explore and reinvent the archetype. In “Heavenly Creatures”, Meggs explores the persistence of mythological themes and imagery through a distinctly contemporary voice. Through his dynamic, and highly detailed, signature mixed media style, Meggs creates characters that merge aspects of the contemporary superhero or comic book character with aspects of the classical mythological entity, revealing a shared thematic lineage despite their seemingly disparate origins. The exhibition will feature ambitious new works by Meggs ranging from painting, sculpture, and a very fun interactive installation as seen in our pictures.

Thinkspace Gallery,
Culver City,

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