15th & West Gallery Chicago Presents “Once UpOn a Wall – Infinite Life” Mural Show

By - Tuesday, March 8th, 2016

Chicago is a city made up of many diverse neighborhoods. Scattered all over town you could find restaurant districts, art districts, business districts and industrial districts among and around all of the areas that people live in.

On the west side of town sits Pilsen, a neighborhood that has a little bit of everything. So, it’s fitting that one of the freshest galleries around is in a warehouse that sits in an industrial area that’s right next to houses but also borders one of the artsier strips in Chicago. Oh, and did I mention the restaurants in Pilsen? The massive building that houses 15th & West is home to many a different business. From offices to moving companies to this particular gallery. The spaces provided can sometimes be enormous with its 20ft high ceilings and columns scattered evenly throughout the spacious room.

One of the interesting things about this spot is how the gallery has rolling walls that span from column to column so they can change the look of the place with the simple placement, or replacement, of a wall. If today a wall or walls span in between columns from to east to west… tomorrow the same wall or walls could could span from north to south, and with these rolling walls you can create different paths in different directions and completely change the look of the entire area in just a short while. See the pictures of the walls and pieces provided in this post if I’ve confused you…..

15th & West Gallery is owned by Ron and Maria Montanez. The Montanezs curate most of the shows along with the gallery manager Simone Garcia. Recently I had the chance to sit down and talk with Simone and asked him to talk to us about the show currently happening at the gallery and this is what he had to say….

Once UpOn A Wall – Infinite Life” is a narrative mural experience. It was born out of my desire to take an often static format and create a structure where both audience and artist are drawn in to engage the art more deeply. With this our first story in what we hope can become an annual series, we tell a tale of “Infinite Life” with snapshots of conscious existence across an epoch of time and space offering brief glimpses into them. In the same way life is recalled as a series of stories we present our murals as chapters, similarly to the progression of life – creation through death. To accomplish this we presented to some of Chicago’s best graffiti and street art talent with a challenge to push themselves creatively. All artists were asked to work collaboratively with one other artists on themes we presented but from which they we able to choose from. The result is eleven one off collaborative works of art by 22 different talents most likely not to be seen in this combination again.

Very few spaces in this city have the capacity and resources to pull off what we have done here at 15th & West. With so many moving parts there were definitely challenges but the resulting work and brilliantly crafted “Chapters,” is something that as far as we’re aware of hasn’t been done before, making it all worth it. Not having gone into this with the mentality of creating something that might end up becoming a milestone, especially with a complete lack of time for reflection, the show we all created may very well prove to be a standard by which other shows of this nature are guaged.

So, if you’re looking to catch this show, which might very well be one of the largest and most creative indoor street art mural exhibitions in Chicago, than stop by the gallery this coming Saturday March 12th 2016 from 6-11pm. The gallery is located at 2439 W. 15th St., Chicago IL 

By Jeff Mancilla

Artwork (not in order) shown by:

Creation – Nerd/Bore 1/Serk

Invinsibility – Statik/Dred Ske

Innocence – Tararchy/Katie Kapuza

Indulgence – Cyfn/Labrat 143

Failure – JC Rivera/Mosher

Anarchy – Chema Skandal/Antck

Temperance -Bunny XLV/Cera

Wisdom – Czr Prz/Tubz

Realization – Revise/Max Sansing

Death – Brainkiller/Yoki

Epilogue – Rine Boyer

Canvas by Drastic



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