2 Of Amerikaz Most Wanted: Elmac and Kofieone

By - Tuesday, May 7th, 2013

The Mack is back and better than ever. There’s still no word from Mac Dre or Mr. Mackavelli The Don himself, but two of Americas most wanted are once again, “In the same motherfuckin place, at the same motherfuckin’ time”. Los Angeles based aerosol artists Augustine Kofie and El Mac have returned to their home turf prove that Pac and Snoop’s revolutionary breakthrough in stylistic hybridization ain’t got a “g-thing” on their recent collaborative efforts. Los Angeles is unique in that many legal graffiti productions have been taking place in recognizable, seemingly illegal, high profile spots. Stemming from this recent trend in legal graffiti promotion, Kofie and Elmac’s collaboration was placed on the outside shutter doors of Soze and A New Time to Shine art galleries, located on 7th St. in downtown LA. The Soze gallery spotlights international street artists and showcases a variety of contemporary artwork. The New Time to Shine gallery, Soze’s sister gallery, was created to promote the efforts of local Los Angeles writers’ in their attempts to establish a youth oriented outreach program. Featured artists meet five times a month, every month, to mentor Los Angeles’ inner city youth. The classes were created to provide valuable artistic instruction to underprivileged shorties interested in embracing a positive form of creative self-expression. Augustine Kofie and El Mac have both have experienced a great deal of international success: Kofie most recently in Paris, El Mac in Mexico. It’s very fitting that their mural stretches across the walls of both galleries. Each artists could easily be featured in either of the galleries. Ironically, even though both artists’ could be featured inside of both, they aren’t. Their artwork can be seen in the original graffiti art gallery– the streets. In doing so, the constraints of the canvas are transcended. The metal pull down doors add new life, depth and character to their production. They portray the essence of their arts’ history by releasing it back into its’ natural environment. This mural screams progression and oozes evolution. Soze gallery successfully showcases the best aerosol abstraction Los Angeles has to offer. The spirit of graffiti as well as the evolution of today’s “street art” is embraced and embodied in its’ entirety.

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