50 Fresh Flicks: Mr. Bendito Rage

By - Sunday, July 29th, 2012

If you haven’t heard of Mr. Bendito Rage don’t beat yourself up, neither had we until we stumbled across this picture we posted as our Forum Shot of the Day a few weeks ago. After a little Flickr Lurking and some exploration in The Writers Forum, we realized that this talented Spaniard deserved more than just a one-photo post to showcase his skills, so here are 50 more. Check out this collection of impressive pieces and murals displaying Bendito’s unique style and European flair. More on Mr. Bendito Rage is coming soon as well so stay tuned. Click to the next page to see more {pagebreak} {pagebreak} “At the great Roskilde jam, a kind like a dream for graffiti writers…Thanks to Tiws and Soten, and all the others that made it happen.” {pagebreak} {pagebreak} “At the Azkena Rock Festival.” {pagebreak} {pagebreak} {pagebreak} {pagebreak} “One piece from may. I remenber i liked when i did it, and i still like it. it’s quite strange cause it doesn’t usually happens with my old stuff. Frik did the character on my right.” {pagebreak} {pagebreak} {pagebreak} “with Seck, Kes and Frik.” {pagebreak} {pagebreak} “At Graffitizm Festival. Thank you Nico, Bwexo and the others who made it possible.” {pagebreak} “Along with Frik and Foham, which is always a pleasure to see.” {pagebreak} “If you feel like you can check this video that recorded Katre of what we paint in Paris a couple of semanicas. It was an amazing day, thank Katre and Astro.” Greetings scoundrels. {pagebreak} Rage the pilot “with Foham and Emak in Vitoria.” {pagebreak} “An afternoon with Frikuno birretas and Mr. Kes that made us a visit.” {pagebreak} {pagebreak} {pagebreak} {pagebreak} “another one from paris, avec Katre and Astro.Really quick piece on a fucking rainy and crazy day…” {pagebreak} {pagebreak} “With my partner the Frikuno in Vitoria” {pagebreak} “Many crazy about Linares. The world’s largest hug Juan Dieguito, Belin and Anna” {pagebreak} South Bronx {pagebreak} {pagebreak} {pagebreak} {pagebreak} “with Cade and Frikuno in Vitoria.” {pagebreak} Frik- Myrhwan, Rage, Seck “Low wall at ease by Linares.” {pagebreak} “Bendito Rage and Frikuno.” {pagebreak} {pagebreak} “low wall in Vitoria with Frikone and Kapone. {pagebreak} “After 4 days working… finally here’s the result. Saludos a todos!” {pagebreak} {pagebreak} {pagebreak} {pagebreak} {pagebreak} {pagebreak} {pagebreak} {pagebreak} {pagebreak} {pagebreak} {pagebreak} {pagebreak} {pagebreak} {pagebreak} {pagebreak} Photo: Bendito Rage and Spray Beast

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