50 Fresh Flicks: Le M.U.R. Paris Billboard Painted by Emerging Artists and Legends Alike

By - Tuesday, April 10th, 2012

Crash 4/7/12 Over the weekend the legendary New York subway graffiti writer Crash was the latest artist to paint Le M.U.R. in Paris. What translates to “The Wall” is actually a billboard located at 107 Rue Oberkampf in Paris that is continuously being painted and re-painted by artists from all throughout the world. It is truly an incredible display of art in the public forum and has featured renowned artists such as Martha Cooper, Horphe, Swoon, Above, ROA, and Smash 137 just to name a few. Click through the pages below and check out our favorite pieces to come to this awesome wall over the past 5 years. {pagebreak} Horphe {pagebreak} Kid Acne 3/17/12 {pagebreak} Rafael Gray 2/11/12 {pagebreak} EMA 11/17/11 {pagebreak} Shuck 2 10/29/11 {pagebreak} Kouka 10/13/11 {pagebreak} Rensone and Missy 8/25/11 {pagebreak} PGC 8/4/11 {pagebreak} 14 Juillet 7/14/11 {pagebreak} ROA 6/30/2011 {pagebreak} Macay 6/11/11 {pagebreak} Gilbert / Colorz / Oeno 5/7/11 {pagebreak} Zozen Kenor, and Gola et H101 {pagebreak} Smash 137 4/2/11 {pagebreak} No Rules Corp 3/17/11 {pagebreak} Keflione 2/10/11 {pagebreak} Teurk 12/2/10 {pagebreak} Santoleri 11/14/10 {pagebreak} Voodooo 10/10/10 {pagebreak} Above 9/26/10 {pagebreak} Nick Walker 8/20/10 {pagebreak} Alone 6/26/10 {pagebreak} Zino 6/10/10 {pagebreak} Ella et Pitr 5/22/10 {pagebreak} Pedro 5/1/10 {pagebreak} Anne Laure Maison 4/17/10 {pagebreak} Jef Aerosol 2/26/10 {pagebreak} Fabrice et Julien 2/13/10 {pagebreak} Jean Faucher 1/3/10 {pagebreak} WK Interact 12/14/09 {pagebreak} RCF 11/28/09 {pagebreak} NP7 10/22/09 {pagebreak} Alex One 9/25/09 {pagebreak} Sun 7 9/10/09 {pagebreak} Fancie 8/5/09 {pagebreak} l’Oeil Partoo and Sixo xx/xx/08 {pagebreak} CTINK 9/13/08 {pagebreak} Erosie 6/14/08 {pagebreak} Martha Cooper 4/19/08 {pagebreak} Pacific Stephanie Manel 4/12/08 {pagebreak} Fuite and Versus 12/29/07 {pagebreak} Swoon 11/17/07 {pagebreak} C215 and The Feebles 10/20/07 {pagebreak} Hermes 8/25/07 {pagebreak} Babou 7/14/07 {pagebreak} Popay 6/16/07 {pagebreak} Shepard Fairey and WK Interact 5/19/07 {pagebreak} G 4/7/07 {pagebreak} L’Atlas 3/10/07

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