5pointz in Pictures R.I.P.

By - Friday, November 22nd, 2013

Today marks a page in the graffiti history books, one of the few places an artist can paint legally is buffed and slated to be knocked down. 5 pointz, once called the Phun factory, started up in 1993 to discourage graffiti vandalism by encouraging artists to display their work in a proper manner. Many iconic graffiti artists both locals and those representing internationally came and left their mark. Now, twenty years later, the building is being knocked down to be converted into condos to cater to hipster imports. Talent like Stay High 149, Tracy 168, Cope2, Part, SPE and TATS CRU are amidst that history, as well as prolific hip-hop stars like, Doug E. Fresh, Kurtis Blow, Grandmaster Kaz, Mobb Deep, Rahzel, DJ JS-1, Boot Camp Clik, Joan Jett, and Joss Stone. In 2009, the city ordered 5pointz to be closed due to many building deficiencies. A developer purchased the property and estimated the project to cost over $400 million dollars, gentrification at it’s finest. Meres has been curating 5pointz since 2002, and tried very hard to protest against the cities decision, however the city failed listen and from today, 5 pointz will no longer exist.

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