7 To 8 With Nigel Sylvester

By - Monday, June 20th, 2011

12ozProphet crew member Brian Kelley was able to get a min out of Nigel’s busy schedule to put together a short interview recently. Below is a small taste of what Nigel had to say. Check out the rest of the interview here. I’ve known Nigel just over four years ago when I worked on a Nike 6.0 commercial with him, and friend Tobin Yelland in the summer of 2007. I didn’t see him for about a year or so after, but every once in a while since then I run into him. Whether it’s at the Banks, LES park, or at some random event. I recently ran into him at the LES park though. And after catching up, asked if he would be down to do a little interview for the blog. So we set up a day to meet up over at Dah Shop around 7 or so. Losing daylight every second I knew we had to do this fast. So I thought of a couple quick locations, and we were able to pull off all the photos in just under an hour. Enjoy the interview and photos with Nigel Sylvester. Whats your Name, Age, and Where you from? Nigel Sylvester, 23 yrs old and I’m from NYC born and bred. Who are your current sponsors? I’m sponsored by Animal Bikes, Nike 6.0, Mirra Co Bikes, Gatorade, G-Shock and Dans Comp. How long you been riding for now? My earliest childhood memories, are of me riding a big wheeler. But I’ve been riding BMX since I was 12 and now I’ve been pro for almost 6 yrs. You remember how you got into it for the first time? Yeah, I remember my older cousins Jody and Jay were the first ones to put me on a big wheeler, and I believe that’s the day I fell in love with bicycles. Later on I came across BMX for the first time watching the X-Games on TV and I’ve been riding BMX ever since. I guess it was something like love at first sight. If you had a to pick a favorite borough, which would it be? Queens all day of course, I’m a Queens kid. You feel like BMX is making a little bit of a comeback into the mainstream? It seems like there is a lot more hype surrounding the sport these days? BMX is definitely buzzing a bit at the moment on the mainstream level. Action sports in general is starting to pop up everywhere. I feel it’s a great thing because it gives people like myself another option in life. Last time we met up you gave me one of the limited edition gatorade bottles, Did Gatorade surprise you with that, or was it something you guys worked on together. Can we expect them on the local bodega shelves? The Gatorade bottle is dope and I’m super siked on it. The bottle was created to be apart of a project called “Making Moves Since 87″ and we worked on the bottle together. “MMS87″ is the name for a collab I did with Animal Bikes and New Era for my first signature bike seat and 5950 fitted hat which got released this pass May. You will be able to buy the bottle at selective retails in a few weeks.

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