Video: Freshly Painted #1

By - Monday, November 19th, 2012

Fresh Paint, through Oink Art, has been releasing incredible single artist short videos for two years, and they are now dropping their first 30 minute video featuring heavy hitters from across the country. 100% Fresh Paint, and 100% user submitted, this team effort is everything you ever wanted from an American graff video, not being heavy on any one particular element and with a killer soundtrack by #BluntGod, DJ. NBD, DJ. Nick Tracy. Edited by Machination films 2012, Oink Art describes Freshly Painted as the first purely free graffiti video offered to the international graffiti community, this democratic graffiti video experience brought out some of the country’s best, including Large VTS/BA, Fishe LTS/KOG, Ceno EH/TVC, Curve NSF/TGE, Soviet NSF, Motion AD, Bowser CTD, Kize TVC, Night GNS, Rams NSF, Este OTR/LOD/SKA, Persue TVC/7TH/COD, Jaber KYT/DTC, Smore MUL/H2O, Phame AMFM, Goes CIK, Nero UPS/IMOK/156, Woes DC5, Ouija YL/DF/3A, and many more.

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